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The Tavern’s Toybox is Teeming with Goodiesin Whizbang’s Workshop, Hearthstone’s Newest Expansion

STAND BACK AND BE AMAZED! On March 19, the genius inventor and toymaker Whizbang opens the doors to his magical workshop—and all of Azeroth is invited! With nonstop nostalgia and options galore, you’re bound to find a new favorite toy—or even build one yourself! Pre-purchase is now live for Whizbang’s Workshop, the first expansion in the Year of the Pegasus, with 145 brand new cards, including the fully customizable Zilliax 3000 Deluxe, a new Keyword: Miniaturize, and plenty of throwbacks to iconic characters!



  • Nostalgic and Iconic Characters. Whizbang’s creations are inspired by 10 years of whimsy and wonder in Hearthstone history, and his workshop’s full of familiar faces and new takes on mechanics from Hearthstone’s past.
  • Zilliax 3000 Deluxe. Can’t find the exact card you’re looking for? Build your own! Zilliax 3000 Deluxe is fully customizable. While building your deck, choose two Zilliax Modules to combine their costs, stats, and effects into your perfect Zilliax. Then, finish your Zilliax off with your choice of cosmetic finishes.
  • New Keyword: Miniaturize. Some of Whizbang’s creations come with their own fun-sized copy! Play a card with Miniaturize and get a one-mana 1/1 copy added to your hand. Play the Mini version right away for tempo, or save it for a cheap, powerful effect when the time is just right.
  • Colifero the Artist Reward. One of a few talented Artist cards in Whizbang’s Workshop, Colifero has a special talent for capturing the likeness of the card you draw and conveying it as a special effect to your minions in play. Login now to receive this free Legendary minion!
  • March Season of Twist. Enjoy a month-long romp through Hearthstone’s history in Twist! On March 1, only Legacy will be in rotation. On March 2, Hearthstone’s first infusion of cards, Curse of Naxxramas, will be added to the card pool. On March 3, Goblins vs Gnomes will be added, and so on: each day, the next infusion of cards will be added until we’ve fast-forwarded through the entire history of Hearthstone!

BUNDLES OF TOYS! The Whizbang’s Workshop Mega Bundle ($79.99 USD) includes 80 card packs, 10 Golden card packs, 1 random Signature Legendary card, 1 random Golden Legendary card, the Patches the Pirate Rogue Hero Skin, the Patches the Pirate Card Back, and 2 Corridor Sleeper Early Access Epic cards. The Whizbang’s Workshop Bundle ($49.99USD) includes 60 card packs, 2 random Legendary cards, the Patches the Pirate Card Back, and 2 Corridor Sleeper Early Access Epic cards.

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