What is THE FINALS How to play it

What is THE FINALS? How to play it?

Lately, THE FINALS game unexpectedly took the gaming world by storm as its beta player count skyrocketed to an impressive 7.5 million across PC, PS5, and Xbox Series platforms.

This article aims to address some frequently asked questions: What exactly are THE FINALS? How can you get in on the action? And what’s the reason behind its remarkable popularity?


THE FINALS is an upcoming first-person shooter created and published by Embark Studios, a subsidiary of Nexon. It centers on team-based matches set within destructible environments, promoting players to strategically leverage the dynamic surroundings to gain an edge.

THE FINALS Gameplay Aspects

THE FINALS, developed by Embark Studios, is a televised virtual combat game show featuring holographic crowds and in-game commentary from various hosts. The game draws inspiration from works like The Hunger Games and Gladiator (2000).

Choose Your Path – Whether you prefer stealthily approaching enemy squads with a katana in hand or demolishing an entire building beneath their feet with explosives, in THE FINALS, the decisions are yours to make! With diverse skills across body types and a wide range of weapons and gadgets, you’ll have all the tools to mold your gameplay style to your liking.

What is THE FINALS How to play it 1

In the primary mode, known as “Cashout,” players form teams of three and compete to complete objectives, involving actions like opening vaults and transporting them to designated “cash-out” locations. These objectives are reminiscent of Capture the Flag, requiring team control of the area for successful execution. The round’s victor is determined by factors like cash-out value, points, eliminations, assists, deaths, revives, and objectives. Players earn in-game currency by eliminating opponents, achieving objectives, and performing combat maneuvers.

Character selection is based on a “Light,” “Medium,” or “Heavy” scale, with character models reflecting these choices. Each class possesses specific weapons, abilities, and features, and their movement speed varies accordingly. Light builds emphasize speed and invisibility, Medium builds offer healing beams and access to various weapons, and Heavy builds are designed for durability and come equipped with light machine guns and C4 explosives.

THE FINALS Character Types:

  • Light Build
    • 150 HP, Fastest running speed, Sniper and Sub Machine Gun specialty
  • Medium Build
    • 250 HP, Balanced running speed, Assault Rifle and Shotgun Grenade Launcher specialty
  • Heavy
    • 350 HP, Slowest running speed, Light Machine Gun and Grenade Launcher specialty

The weapons and equipment are not restricted to a particular class, allowing flexibility in loadout customization. For instance, a Heavy build can opt for a sledgehammer, while a Light build may choose a knife. Medium builds can select a healing beam or a defibrillator for quick teammate revival. Additionally, the game features various mobility options, such as grappling hooks and zip lines.

What is THE FINALS How to play it 2

The game encourages emergent gameplay through multiple variables, including destructible terrain, weather conditions, and time of day. The arenas contain interactive elements suspended from ropes or on the ground, including explosive items like barrels. Entire buildings can be destroyed if their supports are targeted. Limited construction is possible, with temporary structures like barriers and “Goo” barriers created by the “Goo gun” and “Goo grenade.”

Players who are eliminated become statues that their teammates can carry for revival. Reviving with a defibrillator is nearly instant, while other methods take approximately five seconds. Players have limited “Respawn Coins” and can choose to respawn themselves after a certain time delay.

How to play THE FINALS?

A free open beta of THE FINALS was accessible to players on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC from October 26 to November 5. NEXON, the game’s publisher, revealed that an astounding 7.5 MILLION participants had ventured into the arena.

In a nutshell, you can’t play THE FINALS right now, but we’ll share all the ways you can play it later on.

For now, you have the option to add the game to your wish list in order to stay updated with any new developments. Depending on your platform, you can do this by visiting the respective game pages:

Why is THE FINALS So Popular?

The reason behind THE FINALS’ popularity is its publisher: NEXON, known globally for putting out top-notch and popular free games.

While the studio behind THE FINALS may not be a household name, it’s actually a fresh venture led by Patrick Söderlund. To put it in perspective, Patrick Söderlund was the top creative mind at EA and used to head up the DICE studio, where he played a big role in the beloved Battlefield series for many years.

Moreover, the game piqued the interest of numerous global gaming influencers, who engaged in extensive live broadcasts of its gameplay on platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, and other gaming content streaming platforms. DrDisRespect stands out as one of the highly favored players who have been consistently streaming the game in recent weeks.

DrDisRespect Plays THE FINALS on YouTube


THE FINALS Release Date

There is no announced release date for the game yet, but it will be available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox in the future.

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