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Unbelievable Activities in Baldur’s Gate 3 That Will Amaze You

Accurately capturing the essence of Dungeons and Dragons isn’t a feat many games can confidently claim to achieve. This is largely due to the inherent limitations video games possess compared to tabletop RPGs, constraints that affect the range of options available in gameplay and narrative interactions. However, Baldur’s Gate 3 defies this trend with remarkable success. The game stands as a rare and exceptional example of seamlessly emulating the tabletop experience. From the choices that shape the narrative to the game’s dynamic responsiveness to those choices, and the extensive toolbox of gameplay mechanics, Baldur’s Gate 3 offers an unprecedented level of flexibility and player agency seldom witnessed in the gaming world.

Certainly, such liberty invites a slew of players who wish to experiment with the most eccentric and extraordinary actions imaginable, and Baldur’s Gate 3 certainly caters to that desire. Here, we delve into a selection of remarkable activities achievable within the game.


The “Speak with Animals” ability in the game allows you to hold conversations with a diverse array of creatures you might encounter on your journey. This often results in unexpectedly comical interactions, where various animals exhibit distinct and endearing personalities, leading to truly memorable dialogues. Furthermore, the ability to converse with animals introduces fresh choices and branching narratives, enhancing the overall experience.


Another remarkable spell available, “Speak with the Dead,” facilitates communication with individuals who are typically beyond reach. Naturally, certain conditions apply – the corpse must have an intact mouth for speech, rendering the spell ineffective on beheaded bodies. Similarly to speaking with animals, this spell leads to intriguing and sometimes eerie conversations, offering the potential for expanded narrative branches and novel quest outcomes.

Baldurs Gate 3 The Dark Urge


The expansive and dynamic world of Baldur’s Gate 3 continuously shifts based on your choices. Reactions from characters, shifts in reputation with groups, and the unlocking or locking of quests all hinge on your decisions. Remarkably, even the city of Baldur’s Gate features a newspaper, “Baldur’s Mouth,” reporting on your exploits. However, if the paper’s portrayal displeases you, the option to manipulate the media – legally or illicitly – emerges. This provides an avenue to control public perception and shape how people view your deeds.


Strangely reminiscent of elements from “The Last of Us,” Baldur’s Gate 3 enables you to actualize a comparable experience to a certain extent. As a Circle of the Spores Druid, you gain the ability to raise mushroom zombies for combat assistance using the fungal spores surrounding you. While not the most mechanically potent subclass, the Spores specialization offers a unique aesthetic, adding a distinct flavor to your gameplay.


Implementing choice and consequence mechanics successfully is a daunting task, yet Baldur’s Gate 3 remarkably navigates this challenge. The narrative remains adaptive even when pivotal characters, including party members, meet untimely fates. Surprisingly, you can engineer scenarios leading to their demise, enabling a solo playthrough devoid of companions. This can occur by refraining from recruiting members or deliberately sending them to their deaths after joining forces.

Baldurs Gate 3 08


For those inclined towards more sadistic endeavors, opportunities to subject companions to grisly experiences abound. Afflicted by a Mind Flayer parasite, your character contends with intrusive thoughts compelling unsettling actions. The nature of these actions varies based on your character’s background. For instance, as a Dark Urge character, you can opt to mutilate a potential recruit’s hand upon their portal arrival, immediately terminating their role in the story.


Baldur’s Gate 3 introduces a combat feature enabling you to shove opponents as a bonus action. While seemingly straightforward, this mechanic can lead to creative and entertaining applications. When positioned on elevated terrain like cliffs or ledges, you can enjoy the satisfaction of shoving enemies to their demise, bypassing the need for a primary attack action.


The pervasive Mind Flayer parasite drives much of Baldur’s Gate 3’s initial narrative, yet the game frequently embraces contrary player choices. If you opt to indulge your character’s infestation rather than pursuing a cure, you can willingly infect yourself with more Mind Flayer parasites. This decision carries inherent risks, as succumbing further increases the peril of losing one’s sanity. Nonetheless, the game accommodates this divergent path.

Baldurs Gate 3 07


Each class and subclass in Baldur’s Gate 3 introduces distinctive abilities, fostering unique interactions. As a Bard, your musical inclination grants the ability to spontaneously perform with your instrument. Performing impromptu musical shows on bustling streets like those in Baldur’s Gate can draw crowds, potentially leading to monetary rewards. Alternatively, you can exploit the crowd’s gathering to set a trap, orchestrating their explosive end while they enjoy your melodies.


Combat strategies in Baldur’s Gate 3 encompass a myriad of tactics, including inventive and lighthearted approaches. One such tactic involves throwing individuals at opponents, be they corpses, adversaries, or even your companions. The efficacy of this maneuver depends on your Strength stat investment. The act of flinging one person at another, with the possibility of it working as intended or backfiring based on dice rolls, adds an element of amusement.

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