Top three ways Amazon Alexa can ease families back into the school routine

Top three ways Amazon Alexa can ease families back into the school routine

As the new academic year begins, families are juggling packed schedules. This means getting kids back on a routine after the long holiday months, waking up bright and early for school, completing homework, and finding time for entertainment and fun. Getting back to school can sometimes get overwhelming.

Amazon Alexa can help make the transition easier for families, taking away a bit of the stress of managing it all. Whether it’s coordinating daily activities, creating shopping lists, setting reminders for prayer times, or organizing extra-curricular activities. For instance, using a simple voice command like, “Alexa, wake me up for school”, parents can ensure punctuality, as well as set reminders for homework, playtime and games.

Let’s look at the top three ways Amazon Alexa helps families during the exciting – and let’s be honest, stressful – back-to-school season:

  • Family Friendly Content

Amazon Alexa comes packed with a host of skills and features that make learning fun, spark curiosity and build creativity. If kids are stuck on their homework or want more information, families can use Alexa to help students learn new things – be it “Alexa, how do you spell conspicuous?” or “Alexa, what’s the capital of Madagascar?”. The “Math Challenges” skill, for instance is another example, offering math games covering addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, transforming learning into a fun, family activity.  

  • Set up routines

Parents can rely on Alexa for valuable tips, making the first day of school stress-free and exciting. By simply asking, ‘Alexa, how to prepare for the first day of school?’ or ‘Alexa, how to get your kids ready for school?’ parents ensure a stress-free start to the academic year. With routine features such as waking kids to their favorite songs or personalized greetings, reminders on essential tasks such as packing lunches and backpacks, receiving weather updates for appropriate attire, reminders for study time, enjoying bedtime stories for relaxation, and receiving reminders for extracurricular activities and many more.  

  • Make School Meal Prep a Breeze with Amazon Alexa and Fatafeet Recipes!

Parents can also effortlessly organize and prepare delicious school meals for their children with the help of Amazon Alexa. By asking, “Alexa, what kind of food can I prepare for children?” or “Alexa, show me recipes for food I can prepare for kids for school,” parents can explore a wide range of recipe options by Fatafeet.

To celebrate back-to-school season, Amazon is offering exclusive promotions on their devices from August 22 to 30. The Amazon Echo Dot 5th Gen is now available for AED 159.99 and the Amazon Echo Dot 5th Gen with Clock for AED 189.99. Experience the convenience of the Amazon Echo Show 8 (2nd Generation) at a discounted price of AED 379.99.

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