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Top-Ranked Heroes in Overwatch 2: Tanks, DPS, and Support

The dynamic landscape of competitive and casual play in Overwatch 2 undergoes consistent shifts with each passing season. The introduction of new heroes continually reshapes the meta. With that in mind, presented here are the highest-rated heroes in Overwatch 2, categorized into Tanks, DPS, and Support roles.

The commencement of Overwatch 2 Season 6 has ushered in a slew of balance modifications that have influenced the hero meta in comparison to the prior season.

On August 10, 2023, Overwatch 2 received the Invasion overhaul, which brought forth PvE missions, novel game modes, and an updated player progression system. Notably, a fresh Support hero was also introduced.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that when participating in Competitive or Quick Play Role Queue, the selection of your preferred role—be it DPS, Support, or Tank—is imperative. Regardless of your chosen role, the following are the top-ranked heroes in Overwatch 2.


Premier Overwatch 2 Hero Rankings

Recognizing that Overwatch revolves around teamwork and strategic composition, it’s prudent to classify the best heroes in Overwatch 2 into three distinct categories: Tanks, DPS, and Support. It’s also worth noting that this list serves as a guideline and most heroes can exhibit strength when employed adeptly, particularly when selected to counter the opposing team’s choices.

Outlined below are the paramount Tank, DPS, and Support heroes in Overwatch 2, listed by rank.

Top Overwatch 2 Tank Heroes

  1. D.Va
  2. Junker Queen
  3. Zarya
  4. Ramattra
  5. Winston
  6. Sigma
  7. Orisa
  8. Doomfist
  9. Reinhardt
  10. Roadhog

A renewed emphasis has emerged on Tanks in Overwatch 2 due to the restriction of one Tank per team, signifying a crucial and influential choice in team composition. Notably, D.Va experienced a much-needed enhancement in Overwatch 2 Season 6, significantly bolstering her survivability. Her vulnerability in pilot form was mitigated by a 0.4-second immunity to damage while ejecting from her mech, coupled with a reduced cooldown on Boosters, enhancing her mobility.

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Junker Queen closely follows, maintaining a strong standing since Season 4. An adaptable offensive tank, she can self-heal through HP-stealing abilities like Carnage and Jagged Blade, enabling her to advance without relying on support heroes. However, her Commanding Shout underwent a nerf, reducing the additional HP from 200 to 150. Ramattra, despite subsequent nerfs, maintains a prominent presence owing to Reinhardt and Sigma’s considerable nerfs.

Ramattra’s high placement results from Reinhardt’s armor reduction to 250 HP (from 300 HP) and increased base health to 200 HP (from 175 HP), accompanied by a 12% rise in Ultimate cost. Sigma’s Accretion Impact was lowered from 60 to 40 in the current season, and his base movement deceleration was adjusted to align with standard heroes. Previously capable of one-shotting 200 HP heroes, the Accretion-primary fire combo is no longer as potent.

Regrettably, Roadhog’s effectiveness has dwindled since Overwatch 2’s launch. Fans have expressed the desire for a substantial rework for this beloved tank, though developer plans remain unconfirmed.

Leading Overwatch 2 DPS Heroes

  1. Tracer
  2. Soldier 76
  3. Sojourn
  4. Genji
  5. Pharah
  6. Symmetra
  7. Mei
  8. Echo
  9. Reaper
  10. Cassidy
  11. Ashe
  12. Junkrat
  13. Hanzo
  14. Widowmaker
  15. Sombra
  16. Torbjorn
  17. Bastion

The majority of DPS heroes in Overwatch 2 exhibit viability, particularly given the variability based on game modes and maps. Tracer stands as a consistently reliable pick, despite the learning curve involved in mastering her. Her adaptability in various scenarios, including countering long-ranged DPS like Ashe and Widowmaker, makes her an invaluable asset.

Similarly, Soldier 76 emerges as a versatile choice across different scenarios, wielding a hit-scan automatic rifle. For newcomers, Soldier 76 offers a fitting introduction to the game, excelling in flanking maneuvers. While his Helix Rocket damage saw a reduction from 90 to 80 in Season 6, his aim-bot ultimate maintains its potency.

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Sojourn, akin to Soldier 76, boasts enhanced accuracy with her Disruptor Shot, compensating for her slightly more challenging-to-control Railgun. Once her aiming intricacies are grasped, she becomes a formidable force.

Bastion, however, has suffered due to Overwatch 2’s overarching reworks, transforming from a robust Tank to a more fragile DPS, attributed to his sizable hit-box and sluggish mobility.

Top Overwatch 2 Support Heroes

  1. Ana
  2. Illari
  3. Brigitte
  4. Kiriko
  5. Zenyatta
  6. Mercy
  7. Moira
  8. Baptiste
  9. Lucio
  10. Lifeweaver

Ana remains highly effective as a Support character, despite Season 6’s reduction of her damage and healing from 75 to 70. Her impactful abilities, including the Biotic Grenade and Sleep Dart, consistently disrupt opponents while aiding her team.

The introduction of Illari as a Support Hero has propelled Brigitte to third place. Armed with a potent long-range rifle featuring healing capabilities, Illari benefits from exceptional mobility through her Outburst, which briefly incapacitates enemies. As is customary for new heroes in Overwatch 2, Illari’s balance may undergo adjustments in subsequent updates.

Lifeweaver has seen notable improvements in Season 6, bolstering his survivability. However, mastering his abilities can prove inconsistent and demanding.

Overall, Overwatch 2’s evolving hero dynamics continue to shape the competitive and casual landscape, underscoring the importance of strategic hero selection in achieving victory.

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