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Top Picks from the PlayStation Plus Game Catalog

The PlayStation Plus Game Catalog, accessible through both the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium tiers at monthly costs of $14.99 and $17.99 respectively, presents a selection of games that rotate in and out of the service over time, reminiscent of Game Pass’s structure.

Though the Game Catalog doesn’t offer immediate access to new first-party Sony releases upon launch, it boasts an impressive library. Sony grants subscribers of the higher tiers access to some of the finest AAA games available, making the most of the outstanding collection of single-player titles for PlayStation 4 and 5.

Navigating through the extensive PlayStation Plus Game Catalog might feel overwhelming. That’s where our assistance comes in. We’ve compiled a list of the 16 top-notch games available on the service to help you determine where to begin or continue your exploration of the Game Catalog.


Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX stands out as an incredibly comprehensive video game bundle. Not only is the title itself somewhat perplexing, but it contains numerous full-length games and even full-length games turned into peculiar full-length movies. Effectively a compendium of all things Kingdom Hearts, this package is a must-experience.

For those who missed the Kingdom Hearts phenomenon during its peak, it’s an action-RPG created by Square Enix that seamlessly blends characters from Final Fantasy and Disney, set within worlds inspired by iconic movies like Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, and more. If you’ve yet to hear Goofy or Donald utter the name “Sephiroth,” playing these games is a must.

Beneath its sometimes extravagant reputation, the Kingdom Hearts series offers substantial heart and exceptional gameplay. It weaves an intricate and delightful narrative that finds its place both in the Final Fantasy and Disney universes. Characters like Donald and Goofy take on roles as knights and mages, integrated into the story in a way that feels enchanting rather than forced.

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX caters to devoted fans of the series by encompassing all the pre-Kingdom Hearts 3 content they could desire. However, it also serves as an excellent entry point for newcomers. With its extensive content, this package alone can keep you entertained throughout an entire month of your PlayStation Plus subscription.


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Final Fantasy 7 Remake offers a stunning reimagination of a classic video game, skillfully updated for contemporary audiences. The Intergrade expansion further enriches the game’s captivating world with a standalone story that revolves around Yuffie, a future member of the FF7 party.

Both the Remake and Intergrade exclusively take place within the industrial city of Midgar, governed by the powerful Shinra corporation. The city is meticulously designed and richly detailed, standing alongside characters like Cloud, Tifa, Barret, and Yuffie as an integral part of the game’s ensemble. Midgar’s scars narrate the tales of its heroes, the affluent inhabitants above, and the overlooked civilians below. The essence of Midgar permeates every aspect of Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

The Midgar saga is only a fragment of the original Final Fantasy 7 narrative, which will continue with upcoming releases like Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion in 2022 and Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth in 2023. Whether you’re revisiting Remake: Intergrade as a refresher for the forthcoming titles or you’re new to the Final Fantasy franchise, this experience is undoubtedly worthwhile and stands as one of the PlayStation Plus catalog’s highlights.


Batman: Arkham Knight serves as the culmination of Rocksteady’s Batman trilogy, pushing the boundaries of the trilogy’s formula. Arkham Knight is most renowned for introducing the controversial Batmobile into nearly every facet of the series. While dungeon exploration and rooftop crime-solving persist, the Batmobile introduces new dimensions, allowing players to access uncharted areas, rescue civilians, combat remote-controlled tanks, solve puzzles, and traverse Gotham City at high speeds.

However, the Batmobile isn’t the sole highlight of Arkham Knight. The third installment delves into the Batman-Joker relationship in unexpected ways, with their connection fueling pivotal moments and grand set-pieces.

As a fitting conclusion to the Rocksteady trilogy, Batman: Arkham Knight proves to be exceptional. It remains an excellent entry point to the Batman game series, even for those unfamiliar with its predecessors.


Bloodborne e3d2945

Bloodborne has solidified its status as a PlayStation 4 classic. This game takes the beloved yet challenging gameplay characteristic of FromSoftware and transplants it into a gothic Lovecraftian environment. Assuming the role of the Hunter, players navigate the eerie streets of Yharnam, confronting its hostile denizens and uncovering its grotesque mysteries.

Many of Bloodborne’s strengths are shared with other titles by FromSoftware, but what sets it apart is its demand for an aggressive playstyle. When taking damage, players can counter by striking enemies to regain lost health. Unlike similar titles such as Dark Souls and Elden Ring, Bloodborne omits shields and heavy armor, emphasizing precise dodges over creating damage-resistant builds.

Upon release, Bloodborne was swiftly embraced as a classic, and its enduring appeal lies in its impeccable gameplay and immersive atmosphere. It remains one of the most outstanding PlayStation exclusives, skillfully blending gameplay excellence with an enthralling ambiance.


Celeste stands as a hyper-challenging platformer equipped with a plethora of worlds and mechanics that consistently test players’ skills. While the game progressively becomes exceptionally difficult, it offers even more punishing options for those who have mastered its mechanics. Beyond its gameplay, Celeste delivers a profound narrative centered on mental health, acceptance, featuring one of the few trans protagonists in the realm of video games.

What makes Celeste truly remarkable is its accessibility to a wide range of players. Those seeking to push their abilities will find ample opportunity, yet the game also offers accessibility features to assist players in overcoming its challenges without frustration.


Control presents a vivid depiction of a David Lynch film come to life. Players follow Jesse’s journey as she enters the enigmatic Federal Bureau of Control. Within this mysterious, dilapidated structure, mundane appearances belie the presence of inexplicable phenomena—shapeshifting guns, cursed artifacts, and more.

Control’s brilliance lies in how Remedy leverages its atmosphere to convey a narrative. The Federal Bureau of Control takes on a life of its own, placing players in situations demanding nuanced thinking to escape. With its surreal aesthetics and mind-bending gameplay, Control emerges as one of the most distinctive offerings in this collection.


doom scaled

The 2016 iteration of Doom thrives on speed, agility, and a pulse-pounding soundtrack. Doomguy moves with ferocious speed, armed with an extensive arsenal to obliterate demonic adversaries. Ranging from standard firearms to audacious weaponry, grenades, fists, chainsaws, and the formidable BFG, players can scorch their way across Mars and through the depths of hell.

Drenched in gore and infused with a heavy metal vibe, Doom exudes an unexpected sense of humor. It empowers players, making them feel invincible in the face of every challenge the game presents. Its campaign is consistently engaging, ensuring an absence of dull moments.

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