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Tips for Baldur’s Gate 3: Guidance for Novices and Expert Combatants

Baldur’s Gate 3, drawing its foundation from the Dungeons and Dragons framework and progressing the established lore, might appear a bit overwhelming with its intricate array of systems and decisions.

To facilitate your expedition, we’ve assembled essential pointers for newcomers and seasoned players, encompassing both introductory insights and more intricate combat strategies to bear in mind during your gameplay.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Beginner’s Pointers and Techniques The counsel presented below remains pertinent throughout your adventure and subsequent replays, but proves particularly invaluable to those embarking on their maiden journey, seeking to grapple with the diverse array of features. Here are our guidelines and tactics tailored for novices in Baldur’s Gate 3:

Don’t Obsess Over Character Development

While combat might prove more challenging for those new to DnD or CRPGs, there’s no one-size-fits-all character configuration ensuring seamless triumph. Leveraging your party’s collective strength and making astute combat choices outweigh the task of aligning Races with their optimal Classes. Opt for character combinations that pique your interest; the most captivating and impactful alterations to the game arise from your character’s distinct skills interacting with the world and influencing others’ reactions to you.

Regularly Save Progress, Especially Pre-Conversations

Exercising generous employment of quicksave (F5) and quickload (F8) prior to dialogues, confrontations, item utilization, or entry into uncharted territories is recommended. Certain combat scenarios, item applications, and character interactions hinge on favorable dice rolls; maintaining multiple save points is a wise recourse. This approach conserves resources, such as lockpicks, in the event of roll failures. Notably, saving before engaging in conversations with companions you intend to establish romantic affiliations with is advised, as specific romantic sequences necessitate success in these checks.

Utilize ALT to Highlight the Environment

In your explorations within Baldur’s Gate 3, continually press ALT to identify interactable objects. This function often reveals sources of loot and alchemical components for you to sift through. Moreover, it promptly indicates whether your interaction verges on theft or an action frowned upon by observers, displayed through red text in case of unfavorable repercussions.

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Activate SHIFT to Display Vision Cones Engaging SHIFT during turn-based views unveils the vision cones of all entities, a valuable tool for ascertaining visibility when pilfering or committing forbidden actions within a locale. This feature proves instrumental in gauging your concealment before Hiding, preempting undesired exposure and conserving actions.

Leverage Spells Beyond Combat Scenarios

Spells wield potential not solely limited to combat; they can facilitate favorable rapport with characters and interact with the environment and creatures alike. For instance, securing at least one party member equipped with the Speak with Animals spell comes recommended. The dividends are undeniable.

Prioritize Regular Long Rests Displayed on the far-right segment of your hotbar are various resting options. Two Short Rests per day effectively restore a portion of your HP and Spell Slots promptly. However, the importance of Long Rests should not be understated. Although these necessitate more time as the name implies, they offer complete rejuvenation of HP, Spell Slots, and Actions for all party members. Long Rests also unlock certain companion scenes and advance personal quests. Thus, adhering to a regimen of frequent Long Rests pays dividends not just in combat prowess, but in narrative enrichment.

Exploit Bonus Actions Effectively

Every party member possesses at least one Action and Bonus Action each turn. Some characters boast additional Actions due to Class advantages or other modifiers, emphasizing the need to capitalize on every available resource before concluding your turn. Even allocating movement for evasion purposes proves valuable. While selecting spells, prioritize those that can be cast using Reactions and Bonus Actions, ensuring versatility in your tactical toolkit.

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Harness the Environment During Combat Occasionally, the optimal combat stratagem entails assessing environmental factors to wreak havoc indirectly rather than targeting adversaries head-on. Hanging items like rocks and chandeliers can be utilized to unleash devastating impact by dislodging them onto foes. Additionally, you can imbue your weapons with substances such as fire through dipping. This empowers your attacks to potentially inflict greater damage, barring any resistances. If positioned close enough, employing the Shove Bonus Action from elevated positions can yield advantageous outcomes, leveraging higher Strength and Athletics for enhanced displacement.

Exercise Caution Regarding Enemy Saving Throws Employing spells or executing specialized attacks on opponents doesn’t guarantee success. Targets subjected to these actions are granted an opportunity to resist through a Saving Throw. Instances where actions appear to falter during use against enemies in combat arise from this mechanic.

Incorporate Potions into Combat Strategy

The inventory of amassed potions serves not merely as healing aids. These elixirs can bolster various attributes beyond HP. Heightened speed, resistance augmentation, and weapon augmentation (e.g., poison or sharpening) are among the benefits they offer. To expedite potion deployment, consider assigning them to your hotbar.

Embrace the Concept of Throwing Potions In scenarios where a party member lacks the requisite potion, another companion can toss the needed potion using the Throw Bonus Action. Likewise, detrimental potions can be hurled at adversaries. Reports suggest that a single potion can even extend its effect to multiple allies within the splash radius.

Exercise Vigilance Regarding ‘Concentration’ Certain spells demand Concentration, necessitating sustained focus to maintain their effects. While this is automatically regulated, adversaries can disrupt your concentration via attacks or if another Concentration spell is cast. Consequently, refrain from overwhelming your spell repertoire with a surplus of ‘Concentration’ spells, as their interference can cancel one another out. Considering the War Caster feat, enhancing Concentration preservation odds might be prudent.

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Manipulate Terrain for Tactical Control Envelop yourself in obscurity, and adversaries will falter in targeting you. Generally, adopting environmental concealment during your opponents’ turns proves advantageous, evading enemy sightlines or evading long-range projectiles. Characters boasting long-range proficiencies, such as bows and magic, fare well when positioned at elevated vantage points, targeting foes below, ideally out of the latter’s range. Alternating between attack and strategic repositioning capitalizes on the dynamic of maintaining cover.

In summation, mastery of Baldur’s Gate 3’s multifaceted gameplay hinges upon these comprehensive strategies, encompassing both foundational guidance for novices and nuanced tactics for seasoned adventurers. Employ these insights to navigate the intricate realm of Baldur’s Gate 3 with prowess and finesse.

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