The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: How to Escape and Win?

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game has provided players with hours of suspenseful and heart-pounding entertainment since its release. This game is known for its intense horror experience, presenting challenges for both the victims and the killers. However, the sense of accomplishment upon successfully escaping is unparalleled.

Among the most challenging locations for victims to navigate and break free from is the gas station. A quintessential element of horror, the eerie gas station in this game is one of the most memorable. Uniquely, this gas station lacks fuel flowing through its pumps, an immediate cause for concern. Here’s a guide on how players can strategically escape from this unsettling area.

The Basement Escape

As players embark on the gas station scenario in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, they find themselves trapped in the basement, confined within one of the cells. Remaining quiet when breaking free from chains is crucial, as hunters are on the prowl, ready to strike. Exit doors are highlighted for a limited 30-second window, adding pressure to swiftly locate an escape route. Choosing Julie for this escape proves advantageous due to her stealthy nature and exceptional escape skills.

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To break free, players must acquire a lock pick and navigate through wall crevices or any available path to evade the killers. Exit doors are situated in various locations: the south tunnel, tool storage, shed basement, and house basement. Any of these exits leads to the ground level.

Exiting the Homestead

Upon reaching the ground level, victims must follow these tips to secure their escape from the map. While multiple escape routes exist, specific items are required, and their locations vary with each gameplay, adding an element of unpredictability.

A word of caution regarding Grandpa, who is alert and aware of the victims’ whereabouts. He might appear in the house hallway or storage shed, demanding careful handling to buy more time.

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The Storefront Path

For a relatively straightforward exit, the storefront route offers a viable option. However, this route might be heavily guarded, necessitating the presence of tools for self-defense.

Obstacles in the form of padlocks obstruct two potential exit doors. Players should head to the compound and proceed to the smoke room, leading to the storefront. Once at the storefront, a swift dash towards the road ensures successful escape, leaving Leatherface and his companions perplexed about the vanished prey.

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The Compound Strategy

An electrified gate serves as another exit point from the gas station. Prior to attempting this escape, victims must locate the generator situated in the compound.

Discreetly kicking the generator, avoiding detection, is a skill to master. The generator must be broken while maintaining stealth. Following this, unlocking the gate swiftly becomes pivotal to outpace the killers’ pursuit, as they’ll promptly repair the generator.

The Pressure Valve Approach

Opting for the pressure valve exit necessitates obtaining a valve handle. Turning the pump after applying the required pressure is key. Additionally, a tool is indispensable for detaching the handle from pipes.

Valve handles can be discovered in various spots, with easier access in the compound, living room, and backfield. While not the optimal escape route, this path remains straightforward.

Navigating the Fusebox Tunnel: Choosing the fusebox tunnel as an exit requires procuring a fuse for the fusebox gate in the North Tunnel basement. Inserting the fuse powers the gate, paving the way to safety.

Caution is advised, as the killers lurk, ready to strike. Solving a puzzle post-fuse insertion is necessary, with the fuses’ location determining success. The garden shed, compound, or living room could hold the needed components.

The Backfield Exit: Fans of Gun Interactive anticipate that Texas Chainsaw Massacre will eventually rival Friday the 13th: The Game in the horror gaming realm. However, stiff competition from Dead by Daylight persists. As victims in the game, surviving Leatherface’s family and escaping the farm is the goal. Multiple escape routes exist, offering a chance for survival amidst the challenging environment. Overcoming darkness and obstacles is achievable by adhering to these strategies.

Rear Exit and Car Battery: Electrocution might seem a slightly better fate compared to Leatherface’s gruesome chainsaw attacks. When utilizing the rear exit, players should exercise caution due to electrification. Careful timing is essential to avoid becoming cannibalistic dinner.

Following the cable from the exit leads to a car. The car battery, linked to the cable, requires interaction until the prompt disappears. With the electricity shut off, a tool is needed to open the locked exit door. Following these steps leads to ultimate freedom.

Pressure Valve Exit: Escaping the basement involves effort, but the stakes warrant it, particularly in multiplayer mode. The valve door is identifiable through signs but blocked by a pressure valve pump. Players must locate an object with an attached valve, detach it, then attach it to a large canister. Turning the valve to increase pressure opens the exit temporarily. Speed is vital, as family members can repair it if spotted.

Fuse Box Exit: Similar to the pressure valve exit, the fuse box exit hinges on finding a specific item. To access the door, players must locate a regular basement escape point. Procuring a fuse and an unlock tool is the next step.

Replacing the fuse and repairing the fuse box involves arranging fuse pairs correctly. Green indicators signify success before heading to the basement escape door. Swift action is crucial as the exit door closes automatically.

Road Exit and Generator: Recreating Sally’s iconic escape from the farm in the movie, the game delivers a thrilling road exit. A green light adjacent to the locked gate marks the target. Following the cable leads to a generator that requires forceful interaction to disable. Continued hits on the generator deactivate the gate’s power. Similar to the rear exit, an unlock tool opens the gate, allowing escape from the family’s clutches.

Backfield Freedom: The backfield exit presents a solid choice. Once players cross the bridge, they arrive at the backfield with a gate ahead. Unlocking the gate poses no challenge, but deactivating the cattle grid is essential. A yellow cable guides players to the connected battery, which must be switched off for safe passage. Escape awaits on the other side.

In summary, mastering these strategies in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game will significantly enhance players’ chances of escaping the gas station map. The sense of accomplishment that follows successful escape is well worth the effort, and these tactics provide a roadmap to survival in the face of relentless horror.

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