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The First Descendant: How To Rank Up Your Mastery

Your mastery level in The First Descendant plays a pivotal role in unlocking Weapon Module slots, Descendant Module slots, equipment slots, and storage slots. Here, we’ll delve into the mechanics of leveling up your mastery and offer tips on expedited progression.

Accumulating Mastery Experience

Earning mastery experience is an integral aspect of advancing your rank. This can be achieved through engaging gameplay, including defeating foes and completing missions. Every successful mission completion or level-up without socketed modules will reward you with valuable mastery experience points.

Ascending Your Mastery Level

As soon as you receive the notification that your first Mastery rank is attainable, head back to Albion, the central hub of the game. Albion harbors an essential location known as Prime Hands, identifiable by a hand icon on your mini-map or world map. Approach the machine located on the right side of this area to initiate the process of upgrading your Mastery level. Initially, a brief cutscene will play, but subsequent viewings can be skipped.

One of the advantages of this system is its accessibility. You can conveniently return to this location to rank up your mastery by utilizing the fast travel feature whenever you attain a new level. This is an efficient strategy to ensure your character’s continued growth.

It’s prudent to prioritize leveling your Mastery whenever you receive a notification about a new level. Doing so grants you additional capacity cost, a feature that significantly enhances the effectiveness of your weaponry and skills.

Accelerating Your Mastery Progress

If you’re aiming to expedite your Mastery level progression, focusing on completing the main mission quests is highly recommended. Each successfully accomplished mission awards bonus experience points that contribute directly to your mastery level.

In total, there are forty achievable mastery levels. As you advance into the endgame phase of the game, you’ll find yourself engaged in challenging boss fights, often referred to as special operations. These battles serve the dual purpose of acquiring coveted gear and unlocking other Descendants. While you’re engrossed in these exciting endgame activities, your Mastery level will naturally continue to increase in the background.

In conclusion, mastering your mastery level is pivotal in The First Descendant, as it opens up various opportunities and enhances your character’s capabilities. By diligently earning mastery experience, visiting Prime Hands, and focusing on mission completion, you’ll pave the way for your character’s ascent to new heights of power and skill in this captivating game.

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