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Team Fortress 2: How to activate Noise Maker

The Noise Maker is an interactive item in Team Fortress 2. It appears in your backpack as a compact device featuring a prominent button and two small LED lights at the base. The appearance of the Noise Maker varies across different versions.

When equipped in one of your action slots and triggered, the Noise Maker generates a sound that is audible to all players on the server.

Most Noise Makers offer a variety of distinct sounds that are randomly played upon activation. However, there is an exception with “Stabby,” which only produces a single sound.

Each Noise Maker, excluding “TF Birthday” and “Winter Holiday” editions, has a usage limit of 25 times before being removed from the player’s inventory.

Scream Fortress Update

During the Scream Fortress Update event, Halloween-themed Noise Makers were exclusively available for purchase from the Mann Co. Store. This collection comprised eight Noise Makers, although one remained unused. Upon using any of these Noise Makers, a temporary particle effect featuring orange ghosts and white music notes would appear around the user’s head.

Shogun Pack

The Shogun Pack brought in new Noise Makers. Players who pre-purchased Total War: SHOGUN 2 on Steam before March 15, 2011, received a Genuine Noise Maker – Koto. Another Noise Maker was introduced but remained inactive.

Japan Charity Bundle

The Japan Charity Bundle introduced additional Noise Makers, purchasable until April 6, 2011. Among the three Noise Makers available, one was left unused. Although sound files for this unused Noise Maker exist in the game files, an associated noise maker item wasn’t included in the Charity Bundle, rendering those sounds unusable.

Summer Camp Sale

A Noise Maker was introduced during the Summer Camp Sale and was available for purchase until July 11, 2011.

Team Fortress Birthday

The TF Birthday Noise Maker was unveiled through the August 23, 2011 Patch. It’s bestowed upon players participating in Team Fortress’ birthday celebration from its 15th anniversary onwards, alongside the Party Hat. Unlike the Winter Holiday Noise Maker, it offers unlimited uses and generates a distinctive particle effect. However, its usage is restricted to the Team Fortress birthday event, though servers with Birthday mode enabled can bypass this limitation. The button’s icon resembles the cake icon from Portal, albeit with the cherry removed.

Manniversary Update & Sale

The Manniversary Update & Sale on October 13, 2011 Patch introduced the Vuvuzela Noise Maker. It was granted in Genuine quality to those who pre-ordered Football Manager 2012. This Noise Maker can be used 25 times.

Australian Christmas 2011

The Winter Holiday Noise Maker made its debut in the Australian Christmas 2011 update on December 15, 2011 Patch. Players participating in any Smissmas event, starting with the Australian Christmas 2011 event, receive this item. Upon activation, snow particles burst forth and create a sphere around the user. While this Noise Maker can be used without limitations, its usage is confined to the Smissmas holiday.

Optimal Method for Noise Maker Spam

To repeatedly trigger the Noise Maker, follow these steps:

  1. Input the command “alias noise “+use_action_slot_item;wait 50;noise”” into the console while having the Noise Maker equipped.
  2. Subsequently, enter “noise” into the console.
  3. This action will initiate continuous spamming of the Noise Maker sound without requiring manual key presses.

To halt the spam, enter the command “alias noise”.

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