Starfield vs. Star Citizen: How Do They Differ?

With the release of various Starfield gameplay teasers and its expansive cosmic setting, comparisons to Star Citizen have naturally arisen. Both games inhabit the realm of outer space, yet they diverge significantly. To start, Starfield is a Space RPG, while Star Citizen is a Space Sim. Let’s delve deeper into the distinctions between Starfield and Star Citizen!

Comparing Starfield and Star Citizen

The highly anticipated Starfield promises to be a sprawling space-themed role-playing game, poised to make a significant impact in the gaming world. However, it hasn’t escaped scrutiny, with many enthusiasts drawing parallels to other titles like Star Citizen and No Man’s Sky. The primary focus here is on contrasting Starfield with Star Citizen, both sci-fi-centric games set in space, but their similarities largely end there.


As Bethesda Game Studios’ inaugural entirely new universe in over a quarter-century, Starfield has garnered immense excitement. It represents a next-generation RPG within a bustling universe comprising over 1,000 planets ripe for exploration, resource extraction, and outpost construction.

Starfield Direct | New Starfield Screenshots and Gameplay Info

Nonetheless, at its core, this is unmistakably a Bethesda RPG. Even the developers themselves have likened it more to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion than to more recent genre entries. Players will meticulously craft a character with distinct traits, skills, and appearances, immersing themselves in a constantly evolving and expansive narrative enriched with various factions, NPCs, cities, desolate planets, habitable planets, base construction, spaceship creation, robotic companions, a romance system, and all the other elements that constitute an enthralling RPG.

Star Citizen

On the flip side, there’s Star Citizen, one of the most ambitious space simulation games of our time. However, it hasn’t been without its share of controversies. Despite over a decade of development and becoming one of the most financially supported titles in history, its popularity largely hinges on the promise it holds.

Star Citizen aims to build a living, ever-expanding universe replete with traversable planets, intriguing characters, and factions for player engagement. The similarities are already discernible, right?

Fundamentally, Star Citizen remains a simulation. While players can navigate space, encompassing planets, moons, and space stations with their ships and crews, the core gameplay revolves around intricate and often perplexing mechanics such as asteroid mining and ship salvaging, rather than character development and participation in narrative-driven stories.

Key Differences Between Starfield and Star Citizen

While the most conspicuous distinctions lie in their gameplay mechanics and style, there are numerous other noteworthy disparities between Starfield and Star Citizen.

Starfield Direct | New Starfield Screenshots and Gameplay Info


Arguably, the most pivotal distinction between these two space-centric games is their gameplay. Star Citizen reigns as the go-to space flight simulator, featuring intricate and occasionally perplexing systems engineered to deliver an authentic spaceship piloting experience. Conversely, Starfield adheres to the conventions of adventure role-playing games characteristic of Bethesda Game Studios, offering a rich storyline and complex characters for players to interact with. It presents an open world brimming with meticulously designed quests and events, a stark contrast to Star Citizen, which necessitates player involvement in shaping the narrative and objectives.


The second most prominent disparity between these titles is the player experience they offer. Star Citizen is a multiplayer game with aspirations of evolving into a full-fledged MMO centered around player interactions. If you wish to crew a large spaceship with multiple slots, your crewmates must be fellow players. When you encounter another individual deep within the recesses of a solitary moon, it’s another player, not an NPC. In stark contrast, Starfield provides a strictly single-player experience. Every character you encounter is an NPC; cooperative or player-versus-player gameplay is absent in this cosmic rendition.

starfield outposts


Lastly, let’s discuss the aspect of loot! As an RPG, Starfield places significant emphasis on loot mechanics. You can stumble upon a wide array of items in the game world, from snacks tucked away by developers to firearms concealed by spacefaring pirates. These items can be collected, sold, interacted with, or retained for personal use. In Star Citizen, however, your loot is primarily limited to what you mine, trade, or salvage. The loot system centers around earning credits by undertaking missions and player-driven objectives.

While Starfield and Star Citizen share a few common elements, their differences are pronounced enough to cater to fans of both genres. They each carve out their unique niches in the vast expanse of space and in our gaming libraries!

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