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Starfield: How To Successfully Build Outposts

What exactly are Starfield outposts? In the realm of Starfield, the outpost system offers you the unique opportunity to establish your own base camp on virtually any planet you choose. The structures you construct within these outposts can span from cozy dwellings to expansive resource-generating facilities, depending on your intended purposes.

Venturing into the expansive expanse of over 1,000 Starfield planets, a significant portion of which remains rich in resources and untouched by any other inhabitants, presents an opportunity to capitalize on these resources. By erecting extractors and deploying your trusty Starfield companions to assist in resource extraction, you can amass valuable materials for your Starfield research endeavors, aimed at enhancing your equipment. Here’s an insightful look into Starfield outposts, by pcgamesn, encompassing the costs associated with their construction and the pivotal role they play.

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Expenditures for Starfield Outposts

While we’ve only delved into a few structure costs, here’s an overview of the resources required to construct various components of your Starfield outpost:

  • Outpost Airlock: 1 Aluminum, 1 Lead, 1 Sealant.
  • Military Hab: 3 Titanium, 2 Lead, 1 Sealant.
  • Small Hex Hab: 4 Aluminum, 3 Lead, 2 Sealant.
  • Hab Round: 4 Aluminum, 3 Lead, 2 Sealant.
  • Hydroponic Hab Round: 4 Aluminum, 3 Lead, 2 Sealant.

The scope of your Starfield outpost is determined solely by the resources at your disposal. Outposts comprise modules for habitation and specialized equipment, each presenting diverse shapes and sizes. As a novice, your initial resource pool might not accommodate the construction of an outpost for resource extraction. Given the anticipated length of the Starfield gameplay experience, it’s likely that constructing outposts could take a substantial investment of around ten hours of gameplay.

To fabricate outpost components, the essential step involves resource harvesting using your Cutter, a laser tool engineered to extract materials from rock formations. This process could be time-intensive, yielding only one material from each resource-bearing rock. Additionally, requisites like Aluminum, Sealant, and Lead might necessitate disassembling some of your Starfield weaponry and armor.

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Once erected, maintenance of Starfield outposts is entrusted to crew members. While this might resemble a full-time commitment, the remuneration involves a singular upfront payment for their services. Utilizing Starfield persuasion mechanics, you can even negotiate the specific upfront compensation amount.

Working towards a self-sustaining setup for resource extraction becomes the goal once ample resources are amassed.

Considerations for Building Starfield Outposts

The freedom to erect Starfield outposts is extensive, with placement flexibility extending nearly anywhere. However, careful consideration is crucial for certain structures, particularly when dealing with uneven terrains that could pose challenges in accommodating specific components. As long as primary structures are erected on level ground, the creation of an outpost should encounter minimal hurdles.

Despite this, the assortment of components available implies the potential for building constraints. Instances of such limitations include messages like “The foundation is too tall,” which can be resolved by opting for an alternative variant utilizing identical building materials, albeit with taller support legs to facilitate placement on uneven surfaces.

Resource Generation within Starfield Outposts

During the design phase of your base, facilitated by the fly camera system granting an overhead view, an icon in the bottom right corner displays “Production: 0/Min.” Although this value remained static in the video, it likely provides a rough estimate of potential resource yields when crafting a productivity-oriented outpost.

To enhance production at your Starfield outpost, four prerequisites must be fulfilled:

  • Cargo
  • Crew
  • Required Power
  • Total Power

Moreover, item placement and relocation within the outpost are feasible. By entering the structure and selecting an item, you can effortlessly position recently acquired items within any room. This feature incorporates full rotational support, enabling the pursuit of specific aesthetics or designs.

Starfield Resources’ Utility

Beyond erecting additional outposts, the resources garnered from each planet hold utility in aiding Research Laboratory initiatives. These projects encompass Starfield weapon modifications for personalized firearm enhancements, helmet modifications, and medical treatments to fortify your expedition.

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Furthermore, anticipation surrounds the late-game introduction of the Starfield ship-building system, where players craft personalized vessels using an array of materials. The likelihood of establishing numerous outposts across the galaxy to amass wealth is a prevailing notion. With abundant resources in your possession, you can manifest the vessel of your dreams. However, equipping weaponry is advised, as engaging in Starfield space combat against opportunistic pirates could otherwise prove challenging.

This encapsulates a comprehensive understanding of Starfield outposts. As the Starfield release date approaches, the anticipation is palpable, much like the excitement surrounding the tantalizing array of culinary offerings within the RPG realm. Don’t overlook the opportunity to peruse our guide, spotlighting every Starfield creature and providing a glimpse into the intriguing assortment of alien species encountered thus far.

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