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Starfield: How To Sneak Attack

Stealth tactics have long been a hallmark of Bethesda games, and this feature returns in Starfield. Among the various tools at your disposal, sneak attacks stand out as an invaluable asset.

The art of employing stealth and executing sneak attacks in Starfield may not be immediately evident, as it necessitates the acquisition of a specific skill. The effectiveness of your sneak attacks is intricately tied to your level of proficiency in stealth. Whether you’re aiming to unlock, enhance, or employ stealth tactics in Starfield, here’s a comprehensive guide to get you started.

Unlocking and Upgrading Stealth in Starfield

Stealth represents a specialized skill you must unlock in Starfield. This skill resides within the initial tier of the Physical skills tree within the skills menu. To gain access to the stealth bar, invest a single skill point into the Stealth skill.

While you can crouch and avoid direct confrontation with foes to evade detection, the stealth bar provides a more precise means of gauging your level of concealment. The stealth bar will also give you real-time feedback on how close you are to being discovered.

Stealth skill starfield

For those frequently navigating dangerous situations using stealth in Starfield, it’s highly recommended to allocate skill points into the Stealth tree early on. This not only amplifies your capacity for theft and covert maneuvering but also significantly bolsters the potency of your sneak attacks. Here’s a breakdown of all the tiers within the Stealth skill:

  • Tier One: Introduces a Stealth Meter, makes you 25 percent more challenging to detect while sneaking, and enhances suppressed weapons’ sneak attack damage by five percent.
  • Tier Two: Elevates your Stealth Meter capabilities, making you 50 percent harder to detect while sneaking, and boosts suppressed weapons’ sneak attack damage by 10 percent.
  • Tier Three: Raises your sneakiness quotient by 75 percent while sneaking and amplifies suppressed weapons’ sneak attack damage by 15 percent.
  • Tier Four: Achieves a remarkable 100 percent difficulty level for foes to detect you while sneaking, while also enhancing suppressed weapons’ sneak attack damage by 20 percent. Notably, doors will no longer alert enemies.

As is the case with all skills in Starfield, you must repeatedly employ specific actions to accumulate sufficient experience before investing further skill points into Stealth. In the case of this skill, consistently executing sneak attacks is a prerequisite for advancing your proficiency.

Executing Sneak Attacks in Starfield

To execute a sneak attack in Starfield, you must strike an opponent while remaining hidden. Your hidden status will be prominently displayed at the top of your screen whenever you are crouched, provided you’ve unlocked the first tier of your Stealth skill.

Sneak attacks unleash bonus damage and serve as an excellent way to initiate challenging combat encounters. Employing suppressed weapons further augments this bonus damage and helps you maintain your concealed status even after firing. If your preferred strategy involves ambushing adversaries using stealth, it’s advisable to equip your loadout with an ample supply of suppressed and melee weapons.

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