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Starfield: How To Open Best Skills First

Just like Bethesda’s other games, Starfield offers players a plethora of character customization options through gear and skill acquisition. These skills enhance a character’s core abilities and unlock new possibilities.

Starfield introduces five Skill Trees: Physical, Social, Combat, Science, and Tech, providing players with significant customization potential. When beginning the game, it’s crucial to prioritize certain skills to ease your quest for the Artifact and enhance your overall gaming experience.

Physical Tree

Starfield’s Physical Skill Tree includes versatile skills beneficial regardless of your playstyle. To simplify early-game exploration and combat, focus on acquiring the following skills, by wccftech:

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  • Fitness for increased Oxygen reserves, important for running and jumping.
  • Weight Lifting to boost carrying capacity.
  • Wellness to enhance your overall health.

Social Tree

Skills within the Social tree offer various advantages. Early on in your Starfield adventure, consider investing in:

  • Commerce, allowing you to buy items for 5% less and sell them for 10% more. This is especially useful when Credits are scarce.
  • Theft, which unlocks pickpocketing, enabling you to obtain items for free, which can later be sold for Credits if they have no immediate use.

Combat Tree

The Combat Skill Tree specializes in improving weapon handling. The skill to prioritize depends on your chosen weapon in the game’s initial hours. For instance, if you prefer a short-range combat style, consider:

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  • Dueling for increased damage and melee weapon defense.
  • Shotgun Certification for proficiency with shotguns. However, other options can be equally effective based on your character build.

Science Tree

While most Science tree skills have their merits, beginners should focus on:

  • Medicine, which enhances the effectiveness and speed of health restoration for Med Packs, Trauma Packs, and Emergency Kits.
  • Surveying, extending your Scanner’s range and introducing a new zoom level, aiding in exploration—a vital aspect of the early game.

Tech Tree

In the Tech tree, prioritize learning the following skills:

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  • Boost Pack Training: Essential for using Boost Packs during exploration and combat. Upgrade it to Rank 4 swiftly to improve mobility.
  • Targeting Control System: Early acquisition enables ship targeting functionality, providing an advantage during space combat.

While other Tech tree skills enhance your ship’s capabilities, it’s best to delay learning them until your ship is upgraded or replaced and you face tougher space combat challenges.

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