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Starfield: How to Level Up Lockpicking

Are you curious about how to rapidly enhance your Security perk in Starfield? Elevating your Security skill is pivotal for opening higher-tier locks like advanced, expert, and master locks. However, accumulating the necessary experience points can be quite challenging. This guide will elucidate a swift method to level up your Security skill in Starfield, focusing on a specific location.

A Speedy Approach to Bolstering Security in Starfield

While this guide won’t miraculously propel you to rank 4 overnight, it will certainly expedite your journey towards mastering the Security skill. Your destination is the bank situated in Akila City, part of the Cheyenne star system. This locale offers an excellent opportunity to rapidly advance your Security skill. After completing the initial bank heist mission upon your arrival in Akila City, you’ll gain access to this bank. It’s conveniently located to the right as you enter Akila. Refer to the provided image for visual assistance.

I explored several other banks, including various establishments in New Atlantis, and found that the one in Akila City is the sole institution housing a vault with numerous locks available for picking. Nevertheless, if you happen to encounter additional banks in different star systems, it’s advisable to investigate them for further lockpicking opportunities, potentially yielding even better results.

As for the remaining locks required to ascend the ranks of Security in Starfield, your best course of action involves scouring the interiors of various buildings, such as bars and backrooms of stores. Furthermore, progressing through the game’s extensive array of missions will inevitably lead you to safes and chests demanding lockpicking expertise. With diligence and determination, you’ll ultimately attain rank 4 in Security.

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Within this comprehensive Starfield leveling guide, we will present six strategies for expeditious leveling in Starfield. Furthermore, we’ll explore a dependable XP farming technique that will empower you to accumulate XP at an accelerated pace.

Leverage the Well-Rested Bonus

Much like its predecessors in the Bethesda game lineup, Starfield rewards you for a good night’s rest. Simply sleeping in a bed, regardless of the duration, grants you the Well-Rested bonus. This bonus boosts your XP earnings by 10% for a brief period after waking, providing a straightforward and swift method to bolster your XP prior to tackling challenging tasks.

Form Marital Bonds with Companions

As your journey unfolds in Starfield, your interactions with companions can lead to deep and meaningful relationships. Should you be fortunate enough to take your relationship to the next level and get married, completing a companion’s “Commitment” quest will grant you an upgraded version of the Well-Rested bonus, known as Emotional Security. This enhanced bonus increases your XP acquisition by a total of 15% each time you retire in a comfortable bed.

Starfield Direct | New Starfield Screenshots and Gameplay Info

Indulge in Alien Tea

For an additional XP boost in Starfield, consider partaking in Alien Tea, a concoction crafted from Distilled Water x1 and Fiber x1. This unique beverage offers a modest +1% XP enhancement that lasts for 15 minutes. While seemingly minor compared to other bonuses, this incremental increase in XP accumulates significantly during your extensive explorations across Starfield’s boundless universe.

Complete Engaging Quests

It goes without saying that quests are the primary avenue for accumulating XP in Starfield. Each quest you conquer rewards you with a substantial XP boost, and focusing on the main storyline can swiftly propel your character through multiple levels. If the main quest runs dry, you can turn to in-game mission boards to generate an endless stream of radiant quests. This allows you to amass XP while performing tasks like delivering cargo and combating space pirates throughout the universe.

Explore New Horizons

Starfield’s vastness is staggering, with over a thousand planets to explore. Each time you venture into a new celestial body or system, you’re rewarded with a satisfying chunk of XP. This means that merely exploring the universe, visiting new systems and planets, contributes significantly to your leveling progress. Moreover, simply orbiting a planet or landing on its surface yields XP rewards. Additionally, scanning wildlife and plants on a planet’s surface to complete survey data tasks is a valuable method for earning XP and accumulating wealth in Starfield.

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Bonus: Embrace Cheats (PC Only)

PC players can opt for a shortcut by employing Starfield cheats. By utilizing console commands, you can instantly boost your XP by altering your player level. To reach level 100 or any other desired level without the painstaking accumulation of experience points, simply press the ` (grave accent) or ~ (tilde) key on your keyboard (the key may vary for some users). Once the command console is open, type “player.setlevel 100” or the desired level to instantly achieve it. Starfield imposes no level cap, so feel free to ascend to the heights you desire!

Optimal XP Farming in Starfield

For a swift XP farming experience in Starfield, seek out high-level planets featuring the “Abundant Fauna” attribute. These planets are teeming with formidable creatures that offer substantial XP upon defeat. What’s more, the Laser Cutter proves remarkably effective in dispatching these creatures, eliminating the need to deplete ammunition for your primary weaponry.

To identify the level of planets within a system, hover your cursor over the system on the starmap. Zoom in on individual planets to view their respective characteristics, including the Fauna rating. Look specifically for planets with “Abundant Fauna,” such as Serpentis IV in the Serpentis system.

Once you’ve arrived at such a planet, make a landing and adjust the game’s difficulty to “Very Easy.” This modification reduces enemy damage output without altering their levels or XP rewards upon defeat, making encounters considerably more manageable. With this setup, embark on your hunting expeditions, preferably accompanied by a loyal companion.

Naturally, be sure to maximize your XP bonuses using the strategies mentioned earlier. The Well-Rested and Emotional Security bonuses, in particular, provide substantial enhancements, significantly expediting your leveling progress.

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