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Starfield: How to Install Mods

Starfield has finally been released, inviting players to embark on interstellar adventures and explore the vast cosmos it offers. Surviving in this universe requires not only skill but also well-equipped characters. Modifying weapons and equipment is crucial for success, and this guide, by dexerto, will show you how to do just that.

Exploration and Combat

Starfield is primarily a game of exploration, but it’s equally about combat. Pirates and rival factions frequently pose threats, necessitating your ability to defend yourself. To emerge unscathed from these encounters, your weapons and equipment must be top-notch. By modding them, you can make them even more powerful, significantly aiding your journey.

Guide to Modding Weapons and Equipment: Let’s delve into the process of modding weapons and equipment in Starfield.

Modding Weapons in Starfield

Starfield boasts a diverse array of weapons, essential for dealing with various threats across the planets you visit. Achieving the maximum level cap through pacifism is challenging, as most players prefer using weapons. However, there may come a time when you feel the need to improve your weaponry.

Starfield Weapon Mods Image

Purchasing better weapons can be costly, and relying solely on legendary drops is unreliable. Weapon mods offer a practical compromise, allowing you to tailor your armaments to your specific requirements. Below, we’ll explain, by thenerdstash, how to mod weapons in Starfield and what materials you’ll need for these modifications.

Unlocking Weapon Modding

To mod your weapons, you’ll first need to locate a Weapons Workbench. These workbenches can be found in various star systems, typically within weapon stores and sometimes in hostile areas. If you’ve recently acquired a new weapon, there’s a good chance that the store also provides a Weapons Workbench for customizing your new gear. This applies even to weapons that already have pre-existing mods, which can occasionally be looted from defeated foes.

Using the Weapons Workbench

When interacting with a Weapons Workbench, you can select the weapon you wish to modify. Even if the weapon already has existing mods, you can add or swap them out. After choosing the desired weapon, you can then select the specific part of the weapon you want to modify. Once you’ve made your selection, you’ll see a list of available mods applicable to that weapon’s slot.

Remember that each weapon can only have one mod of a particular type equipped at a time, meaning you can’t, for instance, attach two muzzles to a rifle. Nevertheless, you can create multiple weapon mods in Starfield and switch them out as needed. Once a mod is created, you can equip or remove it, transferring it to other firearms if it better suits the situation.

Starfield Mod Weapons Featured Image

Increasing Carry Capacity: Before installing a weapon mod, it’s essential to read its effects, as it may not necessarily align with your expectations. For instance, adding a silencer to a rifle may hinder other aspects of ranged combat. Deciding whether a mod is worth installing is ultimately up to you.

If a mod doesn’t work as intended, don’t be disheartened; you can always save it for later. Armed with this knowledge of how to mod weapons in Starfield, your combat proficiency is bound to see a significant improvement.

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