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Starfield: How to dock your ship

Learning how to successfully dock your ship in the vast expanse of Starfield is a crucial skill, particularly when embarking on the early mission, “The Old Neighborhood,” which leads you to the Nova Galactic Staryard space station.

The challenge, however, lies in the game’s omission of clear instructions on how to physically access the station. While landing on a planet is a relatively straightforward task—simply select a spot, and your ship descends—in space, the process of rendezvousing with another ship or a space station, such as docking with the Staryard or The Eye, necessitates acquiring a new set of skills.

Our Starfield docking guide is here to demystify the process of docking your ship with space stations.


To initiate the docking procedure, you must first target the space station. On an Xbox controller, use the A button, or on a PC, press the E key. This input allows you to cycle through nearby targets in space, including planets, stations, and ships, whether they be friend or foe.

Once you’ve locked onto your target, the option to hail it becomes available. Hold down the A button on an Xbox Controller or press and hold the E key on PC to communicate with the station. While it may not always be mandatory to hail a ship or station first, it’s generally considered good etiquette.

Finally, to dock your ship, approach your target until you are within 500 meters, at which point the option to dock will appear. On an Xbox controller, hold down the X button, or on PC, press and hold the R key.

Starfield dock ship station

From the vantage point of your ship’s pilot seat, three choices await you: you can board the vessel you just docked with, undock from it, or stand up to explore your own ship. If you choose to stand up, you can make your way to your ship’s airlock to access the entry point of the other vessel.


While your ship is docked with another vessel, fast travel and selecting new destinations from the Starmap are not possible. To restore these options, you must retrace your steps, return through the airlock, and redock with your ship. Once back in the pilot’s seat, select undock by pressing the Y button on an Xbox controller or the space bar on a keyboard.

Starfield, at its core, lacks a dedicated version designed for Xbox One. Instead, the avenue to access the game on this console is through Xbox Cloud Gaming, a privilege reserved for Game Pass Ultimate members at present.

To initiate this process, you should navigate to “My Games & Apps” within your Xbox One’s interface, followed by selecting “Apps.” From there, locate and open the “Xbox Game Pass” app. Inside the app, you should be able to spot Starfield (alternatively, you can use the search feature to find it). Upon selecting the game, a pop-up menu will appear, offering you the option to “Play,” adorned with a small cloud icon. Opt for this, and you’ll find yourself immersed in the world of Starfield, streamed directly to your Xbox One through Microsoft’s server infrastructure.

It’s important to note that this particular option won’t be accessible until Starfield officially launches on September 6th.

One crucial consideration is that Xbox Cloud Gaming necessitates a robust and stable internet connection. A weaker connection might lead to visual disruptions and significant lag. However, if your internet meets the requirements, the experience should be quite akin to playing the native Starfield version on your Xbox One, sparing you the need to invest in a new console just for this game.

At the very least, this method grants you the opportunity to try Starfield firsthand and assess whether it merits the acquisition of a new Xbox Series X|S or PC down the road to enjoy the native version. Enjoy your gaming experience!

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