Saudi Arabia broke 70 world records in 2022 and 2023

Saudi Arabia broke 70 world records in 2022 and 2023

GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS (GWR), the global authority on record-breaking achievements, announces that GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS 2024 (GWR2024)is available in stores and online across the Middle East today.

The 2024 edition of Guinness World Records is the final installment in the partnership with award-winning artist Rod Hunt. Completing the illustrated Guinness World Records universe, the cover artwork takes the reader on a deep-sea odyssey to the bottom of the ocean. Back on dry land, our Records Management Team has been busy approving thousands of record titles over the past year.

Saudi Arabia has multiple record achievements featured in the new book such as Noor Riyadh for the Largest light-art festival, SELA for the Largest artificial lagoon, Bettry Crocker MENA for the Largest Brownie, Jeddah Port Control Tower for the Tallest lighthouse, and Noor Riyadh for the Most drones performing an aerial dance.

From the UAE, twelve world records have been featured in the new edition of the book which is: Aquaventure Atlantis for the Most waterslides in a waterpark, Sheikh Zayed Festival & Airglow for the Largest drone QR code formation, RAK Tourism for the Most drones launching fireworks simultaneously, Dani Hiswani for the Highest Hairstyle, Abdulla Al Hattawi for the Most people on a quad bike, Repton Abu Dhabi for the Largest gathering of people dressed as astronauts, Ammar AlKhudairi & Abdulla Hattawi for the Most consecutive football toucheson a quad bike performing a wheelie, Ammar Alkhudhiri for the Most consecutive football touches while hanging with one hand in 30 seconds, Emirates Oncology Society for the Most awareness ribbons made in 1 hour (Team), Reyansh Surani for the Youngest male certified yoga instructor, Miral – Ferrari World for the Fastest Rollercoaster (mistake says Dubai), Mastercard for the Highest altitude soccer game on a parabolic flight.

In Qatar, Ashghal broke the record for the Longest air-conditioned outdoor path, while Sports City Advertising broke the record for the Largest external 360 screens, and Sheikha Asma Al Thani was the Fastest to climb Everest & K2.

Five records from Egypt were featured in the new edition which is: Walid Mohamed Bakr for the Most cannonball dives in 3 minutes, Sadam Kilani for the Largest underwater painting, Omar Shaaban for the highest jump from water wearing a monofin, Shehab Allam for the Farthest swim in handcuffs, and Ziad & Salma Ibrahim for the Largest Lego-brick eyeglasses.

Other incredible record holders from around the world are:

  • Repton (Abu Dhabi) – The largest gathering of people dressed as astronauts – 940
  • Melody Donchet (FRA) – Most touches of a football with the soles in one minute (female) – 227
  • Amanda Staalsoe (DEN) – Most standing jumps on horseback in 30 seconds – 13 & Most scissor transitions on horseback in 30 seconds – 5
  • Grace Good (USA) – Most fire hoops spin simultaneously – 8
  • Nicholas Cherrywood (USA) – Largest collection of Care bears memorabilia – 1234
  • Sidakdeep Chahal (IND) – Longest hair on a teenager (male) – 130 cm (4 ft 3 in)
  • Ryusei Ouchi (JAP) – most skateboard ollies in one minute blindfolded – 33 & most consecutive skateboard ollies blindfolded – 142
  • Tian Rui – (China) – Tallest house of cards built in one hour (27 levels), 8 hours (50 levels) & 12 hours (50 levels)

Craig Glenday, Editor in Chief said, “The GWR 2024 edition is the end product of a year in which nearly 30,000 applications were reviewed by our records managers. Only a small percentage of claims have made it through the selection process, so the 2,638 records featured in the book really are the cream of this year’s crop. We’ve been inspired by our Blue Planet to celebrate a number of underwater records – including those set by the most impressive marine creatures, the most adventurous sailors, and even the most acrobatic mermaids! – but, as ever, we’ve covered the widest possible spectrum of record-breaking, from the hairiest humans to the most talented guinea pigs, the most dastardly pirates to the fastest rollercoasters, and the best-selling manga to the most celebrated athletes. I say it every year, but it’s the best edition yet!”

The new edition includes 9 fact-packed chapters and 5 special features:

• BLUE PLANET To celebrate this year’s theme, our watery opening chapter features record-breaking rivers, lakes, hot springs, oceans and icescapes.

• AQUATIC LIFE Discover the most remarkable flora and fauna that live in, or near, water. Travel from the coastline to the abyssal trenches, getting up close to the fish, mammals, crustaceans and other organisms that dwell there.

• HUMANS Meet our tallest, shortest, oldest and hairiest record holders in the HUMANS chapter.

• RECORDOLOGY Pogo-sticking, paper planes, speedcubing and collections, as well as upside down record breakers!

• ADVENTURES Mountaineers, ocean rowers, ice swimmers, eco travelers and slackliners.

• HISTORY Egyptians, pirates, catapulting knights and even real-life witches, vampires and ghosts can be found in our new HISTORY feature chapter.

• SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY Features on ships and lighthouses complement our aquatic theme, plus rollercoasters, robots and science.

• ARTS & MEDIA The world’s biggest pop stars, movies, and TV shows alongside a mini-chapter dedicated to gaming.

• SPORTS A comprehensive chapter full of every significant new sporting achievement across soccer, tennis, cricket, track and field, basketball, and much, much more.


• HALL OF FAME This year’s inductees include The Harlem Globetrotters, Elton John, Wim Hof, Zion Clark and Sylvia Earle.

• YOUNG ACHIEVERS Ukrainian contortionist Sofia Tepla, Australian drummer Pritish A R and Indian yoga instructor Reyansh Surani all feature amongst this year’s Young Achievers.

• GAMING The biggest and best videogame records across gaming communities, esports, hardware and leaderboards.

• EXPLAINERS We peel away the layers of some iconic record breakers including a Jurassic Park dinosaur, the most expensive car, and MrBeast’s gigantic veggie burger!

• BUCKET LIST We reveal the 100 most popular “things to do before you die”. Everything from skydiving to whale-watching, each with a related record.

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