Roblox Is Finally Coming to PlayStation – Comprehensive Information About the Social Gaming Platform

Roblox, one of the world’s most beloved video games, is at long last making its way to PlayStation. In a major announcement during the Roblox Developers Conference, the company confirmed that Roblox is set to launch on both PlayStation 5 and the Meta Quest virtual reality platform in the near future.

Roblox will debut on the Meta Quest VR this month, while the PlayStation 5 version is slated for release in October. During the conference’s keynote address, a live demonstration showcased three individuals playing Roblox simultaneously on PS5, mobile devices, and Meta Quest VR.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably encountered the term “Roblox” in recent years. With a staggering 52 million daily active users, this social gaming platform has taken the internet by storm, sparking widespread curiosity. But what exactly is Roblox?

One essential fact to grasp upfront is that Roblox is immensely popular among kids. According to a recent earnings presentation, over half of Roblox’s users are under 13 years old. However, even if you don’t belong to the platform’s primary demographic, understanding what Roblox is and why it captivates kids, adults, and brands is essential.

We’ve got answers to all your Roblox-related questions, even those you may have been hesitant to ask the teenagers in your life.

What Is Roblox?

Roblox is an application that enables users to engage in a wide array of games, create their own games, and communicate with others online. It seamlessly merges gaming, social media, and social commerce. Positioned as the “ultimate virtual universe,” Roblox offers experiences where users can socialize, construct their virtual realms, and even earn and spend virtual currency.

Roblox games are officially termed “experiences” and encompass various genres, including roleplay, adventure, combat, obby (obstacle courses), tycoon, simulator, and more. Many of the platform’s most popular games, such as “Adopt Me!” and “Brookhaven RP,” fall within the roleplay category, functioning more as virtual hangouts than traditional games. Other categories emphasize agility, strategy, or skill.

While the platform itself is free, users can make in-game purchases within each experience. A portion of the revenue, approximately 28 cents per dollar spent, goes to the game’s creator. This means that creators of all ages and brands can earn money if their games gain popularity, taking user-generated content to new heights.

Need proof of Roblox’s earning potential? Consider “Jailbreak,” one of the platform’s most popular games, created by teenager Alex Balfanz, who fully funded his college education with his Roblox earnings. Serial game developer Alex Hicks also earned over $1 million annually from creating games for the platform, all before turning 25.

Still unsure about what Roblox does? If you don’t have a preteen guide at your disposal, consider giving it a try yourself. To get started, create an account and download the app on your smartphone or computer. Once in, you’ll gain access to millions of user-generated games. For those interested in creating their own games, Roblox Studio, the “immersive creative engine” enabling game creation, must be downloaded.

Still have questions? We understand; there’s a lot to take in!

When Was Roblox Created?

Roblox officially debuted in September 2006, making it older than Snapchat, Discord, and even Instagram—a fact that might surprise many. It took the platform quite some time to gain momentum. Although co-founders David Baszucki and Erik Cassel introduced the platform over 15 years ago, it didn’t truly take off until approximately a decade later. Its popularity surged during the COVID-19 pandemic, with a 40% increase in daily active users.

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How Many People Play Roblox?

The company reports that over 52 million people play Roblox online every day, marking a 21% increase compared to the previous year.

Who Uses Roblox?

Historically, Roblox primarily appealed to teenagers and preteens, with its largest and most engaged demographic being males aged 9 to 12. However, the company has reported a shift in demographics, with its fastest-growing age group now being 17- to 24-year-olds.

Roblox enjoys global popularity. While players from the United States and Canada historically formed the largest user base, European players surpassed them last year. Currently, there are nearly as many users in Asia as in the United States and Canada.

Is Roblox Free?

Yes, Roblox is free to download, and most games on the platform are free to play. However, users can make in-game purchases to acquire upgrades, boosts, clothing, accessories, skins, and more. These purchases are conducted using Robux, the platform’s virtual currency, which can be obtained through real-money purchases, in-game earnings, or trading and selling items with other users in certain games.

Who Created Roblox?

Roblox was developed by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel, two engineers who began working on the platform’s prototype in 2004. Cassel served as administrator and vice president of engineering until his passing from cancer in 2013. Baszucki currently serves as the CEO.

What Is the Most Popular Game on Roblox?

With over 40 million games available, determining which Roblox experiences are worth your time can be challenging. Starting with the platform’s most popular games can provide insight into how millions of users engage with the app.

Presently, the most popular game on Roblox is “Adopt Me!” with over 29.4 billion visits and 24.7 million favorites. This roleplay game allows users to adopt and raise pets, decorate virtual homes, and interact with friends.

Other popular games on Roblox include “Brookhaven RP” with 21.4 billion visits and 14.6 million favorites, “Tower of Hell” with 18.7 billion visits and 10.1 million favorites, and “Blox Fruits” with 7.1 billion visits and 4.3 million favorites.

Is Roblox a Social Network?

Indeed, Roblox serves as a social gaming network within the metaverse, enabling users to establish connections with both global strangers and real-life acquaintances. The company reports approximately 2.5 billion chat messages sent daily on Roblox. Users can send friend requests, exchange messages, and engage in trade within games.

Last year, Roblox introduced Spatial Voice Chat, allowing users to communicate with nearby players in games. This feature is available to age-verified users aged 13 and older who choose to opt in.


In addition to communication, users can leverage voting mechanisms within the platform to upvote, downvote, follow, or favorite games, helping signal their quality and popularity to others.

How to Create a Roblox Game

Interested in designing your own video game and potentially achieving Roblox fame? To embark on this journey, you’ll first need to download Roblox Studio onto your computer. Subsequently, you should acquaint yourself with the fundamentals of Roblox’s scripting language, Lua, known for its relative ease of learning, making it an ideal entry point for young coders interested in grasping video game development basics.

Roblox Studio provides an array of templates that simplify the process of creating your online game. You can explore these templates, add your unique components, and gain insight into the intricacies of video game creation.

How Brands Are Leveraging Roblox

For savvy marketers seeking to connect with a younger demographic, developing a game on Roblox may be a lucrative strategy. Branded games on the platform have the potential to go viral and yield substantial returns. Notably, Gucci generated buzz when a virtual version of one of its bags sold for over $4,000 on the app.

Prominent brands, including Clarks, Spotify, Chipotle, NARS, Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, and Vans, have constructed virtual experiences on Roblox, with impressive results. Gucci’s “Gucci Town” has accumulated nearly 33 million visits, while Chipotle’s “Burrito Builder” boasts over 17 million.

For inspiration regarding branded Roblox games, consider “Spotify Island,” an engaging virtual scavenger hunt allowing users to interact with their favorite artists, play with sound, and collect exclusive merchandise. “Nikeland” is another noteworthy branded experience where nearly 20 million users embark on sporty quests and outfit their avatars with Nike gear.

Is Roblox Safe for Kids?

If you’re a parent, you may have concerns about whether Roblox offers a safe environment for your child. Like any social media platform, Roblox carries risks associated with scams and bullying. Critics have called out the platform for not adequately safeguarding children from harassment and abuse.

Roblox asserts that it automatically filters out inappropriate content from chats. Nevertheless, parents should exercise caution and educate their children about online safety before allowing them to create a Roblox account.

As a parent, you can implement various controls, including restrictions on in-game chat, in-app purchases, and access to specific games. You can also set a monthly spending limit and enable notifications to alert you whenever your child makes in-app purchases.

To access a list of parental controls, log into your Roblox account and navigate to the settings. In the parental controls section, you’ll find an option to add a Parent PIN, which prevents users from modifying settings without entering the PIN.

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