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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to evolve Gligar

In the realm of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Gligar undergoes a unique transformation into Gliscor, a ground- and flying-type Pokemon originally hailing from the Johto region. This evolution option is now available in the Teal Mask DLC, even though Gliscor was initially introduced in the Sinnoh region as an additional evolutionary stage.

For trainers aiming to nurture these aerial scorpion Pokemon, the process involves either locating Gligar in the wild or engaging in trades, along with a somewhat uncommon evolution catalyst. Below, we provide guidance on where to encounter Gligar and the steps to evolve it into Gliscor.

Locating Gligar in Pokemon Scarlet

Gligar is an exclusive species to Pokemon Scarlet. Should you possess Pokemon Violet and aspire to acquire Gligar, there’s an option to exchange for one using the trade code “02070190,” with Aipom as the offering. Simply capture an Aipom, input the trade code, and await a potential trade partner. If you happen to match with another Aipom trader, you can easily restart the process.

For Pokemon Scarlet players, Gligar can be encountered in various locations, as listed below:

Evolving Gligar into Gliscor

To initiate the evolution of Gligar into Gliscor, you must equip your Gligar with a Razor Fang. Once it holds this item, evolution is triggered when Gligar levels up during the nighttime hours. It’s important to note that the in-game time can be checked through the map interface, and it does not correspond to real-world time.

A Razor Fang can be obtained as a reward for achieving a specific milestone in the Kitakami Pokédex. To claim this reward, simply open your Pokédex and press the ‘X’ button. Additionally, you may earn a Razor Fang as a reward for defeating the Ogre Clan Pokémon trainers located throughout the Kitakami map.

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Acquiring Yanma

Yanma is one of the first Pokemon players will encounter in the Kitakami area of Pokemon Scarlet/Violet. Consequently, it is readily available for capture. If this is a player’s initial visit to Kitakami, they will have to reach Mossui Town, but they can easily catch Yanma along the way.

The most efficient location to find Yanma is on Kitakami Road, near the rice paddies. Additionally, Yanma can be spotted flying around the fields near the Bus Stop. Depending on when players embark on The Teal Mask DLC, Yanma’s level can range from 9-10 (before completing the main story of Scarlet/Violet) to 55-60 (post-game).

Yanma’s Bug typing makes it easier to capture using a Net Ball. Although this does not guarantee a successful capture on the first attempt, trainers may choose to inflict status ailments or chip away at its health with not-very-effective moves, such as Grass-type moves, if necessary. Net Balls can be found around Paldea or purchased for 1000 Poke Dollars at a Poke Mart after obtaining two Gym Badges.

How to Trigger Yanma’s Evolution (How to Obtain Yanmega)

Yanma evolves into Yanmega when it levels up while knowing the move Ancient Power, a Rock-type move that has the potential to increase all of Yanma’s stats in battle by one stage. Yanma will acquire Ancient Power upon reaching level 33. Therefore, if players catch a level 55-60 Yanma, they must access Yanma’s Summary and instruct it to Remember the move. Here’s the procedure:

  1. Open the menu using the X-button.
  2. Select Yanma and choose Summary.
  3. Navigate to the Moves and Stats page and press the A-button.
  4. Choose Remember Moves, and opt for Ancient Power to replace another move.

Following this, level up Yanma through battles or by using a Rare Candy/Exp Candy, and it will subsequently evolve into Yanmega. If players wish to remove Ancient Power after evolution, they can have Yanmega remember another move or employ a TM.

Scarlet/Violet players who prefer not to go through the hassle of leveling up Yanma can hunt for Yanmega in 5-6 Star Tera Raids. To access these Raids, players must have completed the main story (5-stars) and the post-game (6-stars).

Yanmega boasts improved stats compared to Yanma, with its outstanding attributes being Special Attack and Speed. However, trainers should be cautious of its low Special Defense. Yanmega’s increased Special Attack and Speed make it an excellent Special Attacker, and it can learn a variety of special moves such as Bug Buzz.

Below are Yanmega’s base stats in Scarlet/Violet: HP: 86 Attack: 76 Special Attack: 116 Defense: 86 Special Defense: 56 Speed: 95 Total: 515

Yanmega’s dual Bug/Flying typing affects

Super-effective against: Bug, Grass, Psychic, Dark Weak against: Rock (x4 weakness), Fire, Ice, Electric, Flying Immune to: Ground

Although Yanmega’s Attack stat is lower than its Special Attack, trainers can still utilize a Physical Attacker Yanmega if desired. It can learn several physical moves, including Pounce (Bug-type), U-Turn (Bug-type), and Crunch (Dark-type). For special moves, it can acquire Psychic via TM, which provides an advantage against most Poison and Fighting-type Pokemon.

Yanmega can possess either Speed Boost or Tinted Lens as its Ability. While its Hidden Ability, Frisk, is less useful in comparison. Speed Boost raises Yanmega’s Speed by one stage at the end of each turn, while Tinted Lens empowers Yanmega’s “not very effective” moves. The choice between Speed Boost and Tinted Lens ultimately depends on the trainer’s preferences and strategy.

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