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Pokemon Go: How to Utilize a Charged TM

In the world of Pokémon Go, a Charged TM serves as a crucial item for altering your creatures’ moves. These items made their debut during the inception of Raids in 2017, enabling players to modify their Pokémon’s moves or, to be more precise, ‘reroll’ their moves, as these changes are determined randomly upon usage. The significance of Charged TMs has surged lately due to the Go Fest 2022 Finale Day, where players are required to employ one as part of the Willow’s Return special research.

Instructions for Using a Charged TM in Pokémon Go

There exist two methods for employing a Charged TM in Pokémon Go, both leading to the same result – altering a Pokémon’s Charged move.

  1. The initial approach involves accessing your Items, scrolling down to locate the Charged TM, and then selecting it. Following this, you can pick the specific Pokémon for which you wish to modify the Charged move and confirm your selection.
  2. Alternatively, when viewing a Pokémon within your possession, you can tap the menu button situated in the bottom right corner. Subsequently, choose the ‘Items’ option, and then opt for the Charged TM. You will be prompted to confirm your choice.

As previously mentioned, using a Charged TM results in a ‘reroll’ of the Charged move, selecting a new move randomly from the available moves in that particular Pokémon’s move pool.

Acquiring a Charged TM in Pokémon Go

Charged TMs can be obtained through various means, but they are most commonly rewarded for successful raid completions and participation in the Go Battle League. For those participating in the Finale Day of Go Fest 2022 and needing a Charged TM to complete the ‘Power up Pokémon 3 times’ step as part of the Willow’s Return special research, rest assured that a Charged TM will be granted as a reward for this particular task.

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