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Pokemon Go: How to Participate in Party Play

Pokemon Go has recently introduced a novel cooperative feature known as Party Play. This feature, which was launched today, permits groups of up to four players to join forces, provided they have reached at least Level 15. Upon forming a party, participants have the option to initiate various party challenges, such as engaging in raid battles, capturing Pokemon, or spinning PokeStops.

By collaborating in these endeavors, players can harness the new Party Power bonus, which effectively doubles the damage dealt by Charged Attacks and accelerates the charging process of Fast Attacks. It’s important to note that the more members in the party, the faster Party Power charges up.

Pokemon Go: How to Host a Party Play

  1. Tap the freshly introduced Party tab.
  2. Select Create.
  3. You’ll be presented with a numerical code or a QR code that can be shared with up to three nearby Trainers.
  4. Tap Start to kick off the party festivities!

Pokemon Go: How to Participate in Party Play

  1. Launch Pokemon Go and access your Trainer profile.
  2. Tap the newly added Party tab.
  3. Choose Join Party. You’ll be prompted to either scan the host’s QR code or manually enter a numerical code.
  4. Wait for the host to commence the party. Once the party commences, you’ll be returned to the in-game map.

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