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Pokemon GO: How to Obtain Shiny Zorua

Zorua, a crafty Pokemon known for its shape-shifting abilities, has made its way into the world of Pokemon Go, but it’s not your typical find on the overworld map like other Pokemon. In this case, you need to keep a close eye on your buddy Pokemon, or rather, a pair of them. Below, we will guide you on how to acquire Zorua in Pokemon Go and uncover the secrets to encountering its shiny form.

How to Acquire Zorua in Pokemon Go

To encounter Zorua in Pokemon Go, it skillfully disguises itself as your designated buddy Pokemon. This means that if you’ve chosen a shiny Kyogre as your buddy, you will spot a shiny Kyogre appearing on the overworld map. Once you tap on and capture this imitating Pokemon, you will receive a message that displays “Oh?” on the screen, and it will then revert to its true form as Zorua.

This transformation can be witnessed through a video shared by AKikiIsNotAFru1 on Twitter. We strongly recommend selecting a distinctive buddy, such as a shadow Pokemon, a shiny variant, or a Legendary Pokemon – basically, something you would rarely encounter in the wild. This will help you quickly identify Zorua amidst other spawns.

Is Shiny Zorua Available in Pokemon Go?

As of the Halloween Part 2 event in 2023, Shiny Zorua has been introduced into Pokemon Go. Due to its unique ability to mimic your buddy Pokemon, you won’t be able to confirm its shininess until after you capture it and it reverts to its regular form. This process is akin to how shiny Ditto behaves.

Can You Find Hisuian Zorua in Pokemon Go?

Unfortunately, Hisuian Zorua has not made its debut in Pokemon Go as of now, despite the introduction of other Hisuian Pokemon into the game.

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