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Pokemon GO: How To Get Mega Gengar

Pokemon GO continually introduces new raid battles, each accompanied by fresh raid bosses and their Shiny forms. Mega raids present an opportunity for trainers to encounter Mega Pokemon, including their shiny counterparts. In the forthcoming Mega raid event, Mega Gengar, the formidable Gen 1 creature with dual Ghost and Poison types, takes center stage.

Mega Gengar gains a substantial power boost when serving as a Pokemon GO Mega raid boss, rendering it a more formidable adversary. Triumphing over Mega Gengar as a raid boss is a daunting task, and securing its Shiny version is even more elusive. Achieving victory against a Mega raid boss necessitates an in-depth understanding of the metagame and a formidable team of counters. This guide delves into all the essential information that trainers must grasp to obtain a Shiny Mega Gengar.

Obtaining Shiny Mega Gengar in Pokemon GO

Mega Gengar makes its appearance as a Pokemon GO Mega raid boss, and to obtain its Shiny form, trainers must emerge victorious in the Mega raid. This dual Ghost/Poison-type Pokemon proves to be a challenging adversary, both in terms of defeating it and acquiring its coveted Shiny variant. However, acquiring a Shiny Mega Gengar directly is not possible. Trainers first need to secure a Shiny Gengar and then evolve it into a Shiny Mega Gengar through Mega Evolution.

In the world of Pokemon GO, encountering a Shiny Gengar is only feasible following the defeat of a raid boss. Nevertheless, the encounter with a Shiny Gengar is not guaranteed, even after vanquishing the raid boss. Trainers must actively partake in and succeed in as many Mega raids as possible to enhance their prospects of encountering a Shiny Gengar.

Once trainers have triumphed over the raid boss and finally acquired a Shiny Gengar, they can initiate the Mega Evolution process to obtain a Shiny Mega Gengar.

How to Execute Mega Evolution for Shiny Gengar in Pokemon GO

The evolution of a Mega Gengar in Pokemon GO requires 200 Mega Energy. Accumulating Mega Energy is a relatively straightforward task, which includes participating in and emerging victorious in Raids, completing Research tasks, and performing daily tasks while having Gengar’s evolutionary line as a buddy Pokemon, among other methods. The initial evolution of a Mega Gengar entails a cost of 200 Mega Energy, with subsequent evolutions demanding reduced energy.

It is important to note that Shiny Gengar and its regular counterpart share identical statistics and evolution processes; the distinction lies solely in their appearance. The Mega Evolution process applies uniformly to both variations.

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