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Pokemon Go: How To Get Gimmighoul

Gimmighoul, the inaugural addition from the 9th generation of Pokemon, has made its exclusive debut in the world of Pokemon Go. Ever since Roaming Form Gimmighoul first appeared in November, avid players have been on a quest to capture this elusive creature. Yet, catching Gimmighoul has proven to be quite the challenge.

This article is your ultimate guide to catching Gimmighoul in Pokemon Go. We will provide comprehensive instructions on how to achieve this feat, whether you choose to connect with Scarlet and Violet or go solo. You’ll find step-by-step guidance to aid you in your quest to find and capture this exceedingly rare Pokemon.

Part 1: Obtaining Gimmighoul in Pokemon Go

Obtaining Gimmighoul in Pokemon Go can be accomplished through two distinct methods: with Scarlet and Violet, or without them. Let’s explore both options to determine which one suits you best.

Option 1: With Scarlet and Violet

Catching Gimmighoul becomes considerably more straightforward when using Scarlet and Violet. Follow these straightforward steps:

Step 1: Begin by connecting Scarlet and Violet to your Pokemon Go account. To do this, navigate to your Pokemon Go settings, select Nintendo Switch, then open the Poke Portal on Scarlet and Violet. Choose “Mystery Gift” > “Connect with Pokemon Go,” and finally, select “Pair with a Pokemon Go account.”

Step 2: Within Pokemon Go, access your Postcard Book. Choose any postcard and tap on the hamburger icon, then select “Send to Nintendo Switch.”

Step 3: Wait for a brief period to receive the postcard. Once received, open your coin bag, where you’ll notice a mysterious effect, allowing you to collect as many Gimmighoul as you can over the next 30 minutes.

Option 2: Without Scarlet and Violet

It is indeed possible to acquire Gimmighoul in Pokemon Go without relying on Scarlet and Violet, albeit through a single method. You must visit a PokeStop that has been transformed into a golden one using a Golden Lure Module. Ordinary PokeStops do not yield Gimmighoul, and finding the right golden PokeStop is a rare occurrence. Furthermore, even if you encounter such a PokeStop, obtaining Gimmighoul depends entirely on luck. While luck may favor some, there are no other known methods to obtain this special Pokemon, so testing your luck is your only option.

Part 2: Evolving Gimmighoul into Gholdengo

Evolving Gimmighoul into Gholdengo follows a unique process, distinct from common Pokemon evolution methods that rely on candies. To evolve Gimmighoul into Gholdengo, you’ll need a total of 999 Gimmighoul coins. Once you’ve amassed all the required coins, navigate to the Summary screen and tap the “Evolve” option next to Gimmighoul to initiate the transformation into Gholdengo.

Part 3: Capturing the Rarest Pokemon with Ease

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