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Pokemon Go: How to get a Sinnoh Stone

Sinnoh Stones in Pokemon Go represent exceedingly rare items used for Pokémon evolution. However, given their limited availability, players are in search of dependable methods to acquire them. So, what approaches are available to obtain Sinnoh Stones?

This page serves as a comprehensive guide outlining all the avenues for obtaining Sinnoh Stones within the world of Pokemon Go.

How to Utilize a Sinnoh Stone

Once you have procured a Sinnoh Stone in Pokemon Go, you can utilize it to evolve the following Pokemon: Each of these evolutions necessitates a single Sinnoh Stone along with 100 of the respective Pokemon’s Candy.

How to Obtain a Sinnoh Stone

Field Research Tasks

One of the primary methods to secure a Sinnoh Stone in Pokemon Go involves completing a full week’s worth (7 days) of Field Research Tasks. Each day you successfully complete these tasks, you earn a stamp, and accumulating a full week’s worth of stamps will earn you rewards that may include rare encounters and/or valuable items and materials, including Sinnoh Stones.

PvP Trainer Battles

As you progress through the ranks within PvP Battles, you have the opportunity to obtain various rewards. While not guaranteed, Sinnoh Stones can frequently be acquired through a stroke of luck with RNG.

Team Rocket Battles

Participating in Team Go Rocket battles against any of their leaders (Cliff, Sierra, Arlo, or Giovanni) can potentially reward you with a Sinnoh Stone from the pool of available prizes. To engage in these battles, you’ll need to utilize a Rocket Radar to track them down. Assemble these radars using Mysterious Components earned by defeating standard Grunts in battle.

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