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Pokemon Go: How to get a Meteorite

Meteorites play a crucial role in enabling the acquisition of the Dragon Ascent, a potent Dragon-type Charged Attack, for Rayquaza within the realm of Pokemon Go.

Below, you will discover the method to acquire a Meteorite in the Pokemon Go universe, as presented by Eurogamer. Additionally, we delve into the utilization of Meteorites and the advantageous features they bring to Mega Rayquaza.

Acquiring a Meteorite in Pokemon Go

In order to procure a Meteorite in Pokemon Go, the initial step is to complete the first stage of the Sky High special research quest. Alternatively, players can rely on their fortune to receive Meteorite rewards from capturing Rayquaza during raids. This information is corroborated by a user named Kightsbridge on TheSilphRoad subreddit.

It’s important to note that the Sky High special research quest was introduced on August 27th, 2023, as a component of the Go Fest 2023 event. Access to this quest necessitates having engaged with Pokemon Go on the aforementioned date. For those who secured tickets for the event, an extended version of the quest is accessible, affording the opportunity to gather an additional Meteorite. Furthermore, participants can garner rewards such as Mega Rayquaza Energy and Rayquaza Candy.

For individuals who did not partake in the free or paid editions of Go Fest Global 2023, the option remains to await the subsequent availability of Meteorites in Pokemon Go.

Attendees of the physical Go Fest 2023 events hosted in London, Osaka, or New York may have potentially acquired one or more Meteorites. This prospect was achievable through the City Sights special research quest, like the Go Fest 2023: London City Sights quest.

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The Utility of Meteorites in Pokemon Go

As of the present moment, Meteorites serve a singular purpose within the scope of Pokemon Go, which is to facilitate the teaching of the Dragon Ascent to Rayquaza—a formidable Dragon-type Charged Attack.

It’s worth noting that any Rayquaza equipped with the Dragon Ascent capability can undergo Mega Evolution. To achieve this transformation, players must also amass a total of 400 Mega Rayquaza Energy. This energy can be earned by defeating Mega Rayquaza in raids, participating in specialized research quests, and walking alongside Rayquaza as a companion.

Educating Rayquaza in the Art of Dragon Ascent

The process of imparting the Dragon Ascent skill to Rayquaza in Pokemon Go entails the following steps: Begin by locating the specific Rayquaza earmarked for Mega Evolution within your Pokemon Storage. Proceed to the moveset section for the chosen Rayquaza, where the option to teach it Dragon Ascent will be present.

At this juncture, selecting ‘Dragon Ascent’ followed by confirming with a ‘Yes’ will enable the use of the Meteorite to instruct the Dragon-type Charged Attack. Subsequently, the capability to execute Mega Evolution on this Rayquaza will be unlocked—subject to the condition of possessing 400 Mega Rayquaza Energy, naturally.

An essential point to bear in mind is that Meteorites are single-use items. Once employed to instill Rayquaza with the Dragon Ascent move, the Meteorite is permanently expended. Consequently, acquiring a distinct Meteorite is imperative for those aiming to facilitate the Mega Evolution of a different Rayquaza specimen.

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