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Pokemon Go: How to Beat Mega Rayquaza

As an integral part of this year’s Go Fest extravaganza, Mega Rayquaza has made its debut in Pokemon Go, emerging as one of the most coveted Mega Evolutions within the game. Boasting a dual-typing of Dragon and Flying, this Mega Evolution currently stands tall as a dominant force among Pokemon of these two types.

To obtain the essential Rayquaza Mega Energy vital for unleashing this Mega Evolution’s potential, one must engage in multiple Mega Rayquaza Raids, requiring a blend of cooperation and strategic planning for optimal readiness. Delve into the comprehensive guide presented below to ensure you’re adequately equipped to triumph in this challenging Raid encounter.

Recommended Raid Party Size

Mega Rayquaza’s Mega Raid ranks among the most formidable within its tier, underscoring the necessity of collaborative efforts to emerge victorious. Concretely, a group of four to six seasoned Trainers is the minimum requirement to overcome the Mega Rayquaza Raid.

Should your fellow Raid participants exhibit a relatively lower level of experience, it becomes imperative to expand the group size. In such cases, strive to engage with the Mega Raid alongside a gathering of no less than six to eight fellow Trainers.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Mega Rayquaza

Parallel to its base form, Mega Rayquaza proudly displays a dual-typing of Dragon and Flying. To streamline the challenge of the Raid encounter, the meticulous selection of Pokemon becomes paramount, focusing on creatures with attacks that exploit the vulnerabilities of Mega Rayquaza.

This entails opting for Pokemon equipped with Ice, Dragon, Fairy, or Rock-type attacks. While each of these attack categories holds a distinct advantage against Mega Rayquaza, the ace in the hole remains Ice-type attacks, capitalizing on the Pokemon’s pronounced susceptibility to this elemental onslaught.

Conversely, a categorical avoidance of Grass, Ground, Water, Fire, Fighting, and Bug-type Pokemon and their corresponding attacks is advised. Not only do these moves inflict subpar damage, but many Pokemon falling within these categories are also prone to Mega Rayquaza’s offensive maneuvers, rendering them perilously susceptible during the Mega Raid showdown.

Optimal Counter Picks for Mega Rayquaza

Unsurprisingly, the pinnacle contenders poised to vanquish Mega Rayquaza are those proficient in exploiting its elemental weaknesses. Given Mega Rayquaza’s dual vulnerability to Ice-type attacks, the majority of the elite counters naturally align with this category.

Among the diverse array of Pokemon inhabiting the realm of Pokemon Go, we have meticulously curated a compilation of the top 25 counter selections tailored to this specific Raid scenario. While this roster predominantly features Ice-type champions, a smattering of alternative Pokemon representing other types has also been incorporated.

It’s important to underscore that if the lineup provided below eludes your current roster, all hope is not lost. Triumphing in this Mega Raid remains well within reach, even with the inclusion of potent Pokemon endowed with formidable Ice-type attacks.

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