How to Beat Giovanni Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO: How to Beat Giovanni – September 2023

Defeating Giovanni in Pokemon GO during September 2023 requires a strategic approach, as he boasts a formidable team of Shadow Pokemon. Players must carefully choose their counters based on type matchups for each round of the battle. Here’s a guide on how to beat Giovanni, by gamerant.

Locating Giovanni

Before facing Giovanni, players must track down Team GO Rocket members, collect Mysterious Components, and assemble a Rocket Radar. This radar helps locate Giovanni, and once found, a challenging battle ensues. Victory brings rewards and a chance to catch Shadow Regirock.

Giovanni’s Lineup

Giovanni’s lineup for September 2023 includes a variety of Shadow Pokemon. The battle consists of three rounds, with Giovanni selecting from five different Shadow Pokemon, making it unpredictable. While his choices for the first and last rounds are fixed, the second round requires prediction.

Round 1 – Giovanni’s Shadow Persian

Giovanni always starts with Shadow Persian, a Normal-type Pokemon with enhanced offensive abilities as a Shadow Pokemon. To counter it:

  • Use Fighting-type moves, which are super effective.
  • Note that it resists Ghost-type moves.

Round 2 – Giovanni’s Uncertain Choices

The second round presents uncertainty, as Giovanni can choose from three strong Shadow Pokemon: Shadow Nidoking, Shadow Rhyperior, or Shadow Garchomp. Counter them accordingly:

Shadow Nidoking

  • Type: Poison/Ground
  • Weakness: Ground, Ice, Psychic, Water-type moves
  • Resistance: Electric, Poison, Bug, Fairy, Fighting, Rock-type moves

Shadow Rhyperior

  • Type: Ground/Rock
  • Weakness: Fighting, Grass, Ground, Ice, Steel, Water-type moves
  • Resistance: Electric, Poison, Fire, Flying, Normal, Rock-type moves

Shadow Garchomp

  • Type: Dragon/Ground
  • Weakness: Dragon, Fairy, Ice-type moves
  • Resistance: Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock-type moves

Select counters based on their weaknesses to these Shadow Pokemon.

Round 3 – Giovanni’s Shadow Regirock

In the third round, Giovanni fields Shadow Regirock as his sole opponent. To defeat it:

  • Exploit its weaknesses with Fighting, Grass, Water, Steel, or Ground-type moves.
  • Note that it resists Fire, Poison, Normal, and Flying-type moves.

By choosing the right counters for Giovanni’s team and exploiting type advantages, players can increase their chances of defeating the Team GO Rocket boss and reaping the rewards that come with it.

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