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Pokemon Go: How to Beat Cliff – October 2023

Pokemon GO trainers who have invested considerable time battling Team GO Rocket grunts will eventually face the organization’s notorious trio of leaders: Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra. When it comes to Cliff, the robust Team Rocket underboss favors physically powerful Shadow Pokemon in his lineup, which can pose challenges for newer trainers encountering him for the first time.

As of October 1, 2023, Cliff has not altered his Pokemon GO lineup since September. Nevertheless, players may still be seeking strategies to confront his formidable team of Shadow Pokemon, especially given the unpredictable nature of enemy encounters in each battle.

Fortunately, there are specific Pokemon GO teams that can effectively and reliably defeat Cliff and send him packing, nursing his bruised ego.

What is Cliff’s current Pokemon GO team lineup?

While Cliff might potentially modify his team when the next Team GO Rocket Takeover event begins on October 26, his current lineup remains consistent with what players faced during the summer. Therefore, Cliff is guaranteed to initiate the battle with Shadow Aerodactyl, but the complexity deepens from there.

After Shadow Aerodactyl is defeated, Cliff has two remaining team slots, each of which can feature one of three different Shadow Pokemon. Among these, Shadow Tyranitar is a constant presence as Cliff’s partner and appears in every possible lineup, although it may not always participate in battle.

Cliff’s present Shadow Pokemon team lineup: • Slot One – Aerodactyl • Slot Two – Slowking, Gallade, or Cradily • Slot Three – Tyranitar, Mamoswine, or Dusknoir

Optimal team to counter Cliff in Pokemon GO

For the most effective outcome against Cliff’s current team, trainers are advised to employ Electric-, Dark-, Rock-, and Fighting-type Pokemon or moves. A combination of these elemental types will prove effective against the creatures Cliff deploys in battle, providing a solid advantage over the burly Rocket leader.

Recommended team to defeat Cliff: • Slot One – Shadow Magnezone • Slot Two – Lucario or Machamp • Slot Three – Honchkrow

With the suggested team above, players have suitable answers for any choices Cliff makes with his lineup. Shadow Magnezone can tackle Shadow Aerodactyl or Slowking, while Lucario or Machamp can inflict significant damage on Shadow Cradily, Tyranitar, and Mamoswine. Lastly, Honchkrow can deal substantial damage to both Gallade and Dusknoir.

It’s important to note that this recommended team isn’t the only viable option to overcome Cliff’s current Shadow Pokemon lineup, but it boasts a high chance of success. Trainers should, however, ensure that each member of their team has the highest CP and IV stats possible to minimize the damage inflicted by Cliff’s Pokemon.

As long as trainers remain vigilant about type matchups and employ the right elemental counters, Cliff should pose no significant obstacle on their journey to defeating Team GO Rocket’s leader, Giovanni.

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