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Payday 3 Vs. Payday 2: Key Differences Explained

Payday 2, a cooperative shooter, had a lengthy and prominent run as one of the leading titles in its genre. However, it was also known for its somewhat excessive downloadable content (DLC) practices, offering over 80 additional packs alongside the base game. With the impending arrival of Payday 3, fans have high expectations: more refinement, enhanced gameplay, and greater memorability. But is it simply a repeat of its predecessor? Let’s delve into the key disparities between Payday 2 and Payday 3 to assess the third installment’s merits.

Numerous Distinctions Between Payday 2 and Payday 3

When a series advances to its third installment, enthusiasts anticipate innovation and improvement, with the development team hopefully learning from past experiences. Payday 3 appears to maintain the franchise’s essence while introducing innovations to ensure the gameplay remains fresh, rewarding, and replayable.

The Setting

The most noticeable distinction is the game’s setting. Payday 3 shifts away from the bank and armored truck heists of Washington, D.C., and immerses players in the gritty streets of New York City. In Payday 2, the game world often felt barren, with a limited number of NPCs strolling outside locations like the jewelry store. However, in the third installment, early glimpses suggest a livelier environment, featuring crowds of people bustling around heist locations, albeit still relatively modest crowds for a major city. This heightened immersion promises to enhance the gaming experience.

Payday 3 Shootout

Horde Shooter Influences

Payday 2 frequently delivered a frenzied experience where entire maps would suddenly swarm with law enforcement, compelling players to mow down hordes of adversaries using automatic weapons. It was essentially a horde shooter masquerading as a heist game, often resulting in players expending copious amounts of ammunition, collecting countless ammo boxes, and continuously holding down the fire button for extended periods. In Payday 3, this dynamic has evolved. The gameplay now leans more towards refinement, reducing the influence of the horde shooter element and emphasizing cooperative, tactical gameplay in authentic heist scenarios. Moreover, Payday 3 aims to be more accessible to newcomers, addressing the potential overwhelm of the previous title, where each heist involved multiple simultaneous activities, from taking hostages to cracking safes to skirmishing with law enforcement.

Hostage Refinement

The hostage system in Payday 3 undergoes significant expansion. In prior iterations, taking hostages often seemed like a relatively unimportant endeavor, primarily serving as a means to exchange one for a team member in custody. However, Payday 3 elevates the role of hostages considerably. Players can now negotiate with the police, using hostages as bargaining chips. These negotiations can buy crucial time before law enforcement storms the scene, or they can be used to secure valuable resources. Additionally, hostages can serve as effective human shields when facing off against the police, offering players a versatile strategic tool.

Payday 3 Stealth Gameplay

Hard-Earned Cash

In previous iterations, the cash acquired from successful heists often accumulated without a clear purpose. While it could be used to purchase weapons and upgrades, it frequently felt like a surplus resource. Payday 3 introduces a more meaningful use for your earnings. Not only can you invest your money in new equipment and clothing items, but you can also exchange it for a distinct in-game currency. This secondary currency enables the acquisition of unique cosmetics, such as clothing and specialized weapon variants, enhancing the customization options available to players.

Release Date

Payday 3 is scheduled for release on September 21, 2023, on PC, Xbox and PlayStation.

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