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Party Animals: How to Play Split-screen Multiplayer

Party Animals is all about having a fantastic and fluffy time with your friends, whether they’re by your side on the couch or playing remotely. While the game prominently features traditional multiplayer options on the main menu, it might not be immediately apparent that you can enjoy split-screen multiplayer with your buddies. If you’re curious about how to set this up, here’s a handy guide on playing split-screen multiplayer in Party Animals.

How to Configure Split-screen Multiplayer in Party Animals

Party Animals not only supports crossplay between Xbox and PC but also offers the option for local play. Setting up a split-screen multiplayer match for you and your friends is surprisingly straightforward, even if it’s not immediately obvious. To begin, navigate to the Custom Game option in the Main Menu and click on ‘Create’ located at the upper right corner. Proceed with selecting the game mode you want to play and choose the number of maps you’d like to include.

Once you’ve set up these parameters, the next step is to toggle the Lock slider button next to ‘Start.’ This ensures that only your selected friends can join your lobby. Once you’ve accomplished this and you see spaces available for your friends to join, it’s time to connect the controllers. Here’s how to do it on both Xbox consoles and PCs:

  • Connecting on Xbox: This is incredibly simple; just press the power button on the additional controller(s) until they power on. You should be connected right away.
  • Connecting on PC: Follow the same process by turning on the power button on the controller(s). Wait until the “Add new local player with this controller?” prompt appears on your screen. Once accepted, the player will appear in the lobby menu. You can then decide whether they’re on your team or the opposing team, and you can also add AI players if desired.

Once you’ve completed these steps and start the match, the split-screen display will activate, giving you the full local co-op split-screen experience. You can employ this method for any Custom Match, and as long as your friend(s) remain connected to your chosen console, the split-screen will load automatically at the start of each match until you end the lobby.

That concludes our guide on how to play split-screen multiplayer in Party Animals. We hope you find this information helpful as you embark on your fluffy and action-packed adventure in this game. Please share your experiences with the split-screen mode; we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Here’s a concise summary of the steps to play split-screen in Party Animals using an Xbox controller:

  1. Connect a second controller.
  2. Access “Custom Games” in the Party Animals menu and create a new game.
  3. In the lobby, press “RT” on the second controller, and “Player 2” will join the game.

You can repeat the same process if you want to add a third or fourth controller. Additionally, you can introduce AI bots to your game by clicking the “+” icon next to each team. You can customize their difficulty levels individually by selecting each bot, which will bring up a submenu for adjustments.

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