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Metal Gear Solid: How to Beat Psycho Mantis

When the confrontation commences, you will observe that he skillfully evades your offensive moves when attempting to shoot or attack him. This is due to his uncanny ability to read your thoughts. To counteract this, you must adapt your strategy based on the gaming platform you are using.

If you are playing the PSX version, it’s imperative to switch your controller from port 1 to port 2. For those engaged in the PSN version, the adjustment required involves changing your player input from 1 to 2. In the case of the PC version with a gamepad, you’ll need to transition to keyboard controls. However, if you’re playing on a PC without a gamepad, the encounter remains unaltered, and you can strike him as usual.

Alternatively, if you find yourself unable to implement any of the above tactics, there exists an alternative method for defeating Psycho Mantis. Should you repeatedly fail in the battle without discerning the trick, Campbell will eventually inform you that statues with his mask are augmenting his psychic abilities. By dismantling these statues, you can disrupt his psychic prowess and engage him in a standard battle.

Psycho Mantis wields straightforward attacks, such as hurling objects around the room. These can be effortlessly evaded by taking cover behind furniture. When he becomes visible and vulnerable, swiftly approach and open fire with any firearm at your disposal.

At times, Psycho Mantis will turn invisible and teleport across the room. It’s imperative to maintain constant awareness of your position relative to his, and keep moving to evade his ranged assaults. At approximately 50% of the battle, he will manipulate Meryl’s actions once more.

During this phase, the optimal strategy is to steer clear of Psycho Mantis and incapacitate Meryl, similar to what you did previously. However, be cautious, as after subduing Meryl, a brief scene unfolds where he endeavors to exploit Snake’s empathy and persuade Meryl to take her own life.

Counteract this by incapacitating Meryl swiftly. Time is of the essence; delaying too long will result in Meryl taking her own life, leading to a game over.

Upon subduing Meryl for the third time, the battle progresses to its final stage.

Another attack to watch out for during the confrontation with Psycho Mantis is his furniture tornado attack. Several pieces of furniture will encircle Psycho Mantis as he hovers in the room. This can be thwarted by shooting at him from a distance. Given the game’s modest aim assist feature, as long as you possess a general idea of his whereabouts, you can aim in his direction and discharge your firearm.

Adequate ammunition can be found in the room should you deplete your supply, but as you chip away at his health points, the battle will ultimately draw to a close.

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