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Mastering Combat in Immortals of Aveum: A Guide to Early-Game Talents

Navigating combat within the world of Immortals of Aveum may initially appear daunting, yet unraveling the intricacies of its magical warfare is not as formidable as it might seem. In fact, you possess a wealth of knowledge that you might not even be aware of. This comprehensive guide to Immortals of Aveum delves into the realm of magical combat and the array of Talents at your disposal, designed to elevate your prowess as a Magni.

In Immortals of Aveum, you assume the role of Jak, an unassuming individual whose latent potential emerges during a moment of crisis. Jak discovers his identity as a Triarch Magnus, a unique form of Magni endowed with the ability to harness Blue, Red, and Green Magic. Armed with these newfound powers, he immerses himself in the Everwar—a millennial conflict for magic’s dominion—striving to ascend as an Immortal, the most formidable sorcerers in Aveum.

Every facet of Immortals of Aveum stems from its enchanting narrative, encompassing combat mechanics such as magic, Totems, Furies, and Augments.

The Essence of Magic Combat

Magic serves as the bedrock of combat in Immortals of Aveum. In this fantastical realm, employing spells in combat mirrors the operation of firearms—an analogy that can greatly enhance your combat efficiency. Just as Call of Duty involves guns firing bullets, Immortals of Aveum employs Sigils discharging magic, drawing a direct parallel.

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The magic spectrum in Immortals of Aveum comprises three categories, each akin to a conventional first-person shooter armament:

  1. Blue Magic / Force Magic: Equivalent to a sniper rifle, optimized for distant engagements and headshots.
  2. Red Magic / Chaos Magic: Functions as a shotgun, best suited for close-quarter confrontations.
  3. Green Magic / Life Magic: Resembles an automatic rifle, ideal for intermediate distances.

Triumph in combat hinges upon harmonizing your magic with the prevailing circumstances. As you advance, you’ll acquire diverse Sigils offering variations on these themes. However, during the initial stages, diversification can be advantageous. Embracing a well-rounded approach across all magical domains can bestow dominance on the battlefield. Moreover, this strategy furnishes you with invaluable experience in employing all three spell types, facilitating an informed decision when selecting a specialization in the future.

Illustrative Scenario: A Combat Puzzlescape

Envision a scenario where four adversaries emerge: an archer in the distance, relentlessly launching arrows; two knights advancing menacingly in close proximity; and a massive ten-foot monstrosity brandishing a spiked flail, progressively closing the gap.

Though daunting, this scenario is manageable through strategic spell allocation, matching each spell to enemy type and position. Blue Magic precisely targets the distant archer, whereas Red Magic suits the imminent knights due to their proximity. Meanwhile, the Green Magic automatic rifle proves optimal for the lumbering giant, whose melee threat necessitates evasive tactics.

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By adopting this perspective, Immortals of Aveum’s battles metamorphose into puzzles, subject to manipulation through your magical prowess. Align your spells with the scenario at hand, and triumph shall be within reach.

Harnessing Totems

Totems constitute a category of spells associated with objects clutched in your left hand. Early in the game, a whip is acquired, enabling you to snare archers from elevated vantage points, relocating them for close-range elimination—a tactic simplifying the task of dispatching them.

Totems excel at disorienting adversaries, proving advantageous at the battle’s outset to negate elevated positions and impede enemy advancement.

Furies: Magic of Uncommon Potency

Furies epitomize a specialized and potent form of magic, customized for distinct situations. They prove invaluable against foes employing robust shields, exemplified by the Fury Shatter—a spell meticulously crafted for countering such adversaries. Notably potent, Furies exhibit a consumption of Mana, depicted by the segmented bar at your screen’s lower right corner. Mana Crystals, procurable within the world or regenerated via a Talent, are crucial for restoring this resource.

Augments: Blink and Shield

This discourse would be remiss without addressing two fundamental methods of averting early-game damage, both constituting protective mechanisms with cooldown periods.

  1. Shield: Affording temporary protection until depletion, the shield necessitates subsequent recharge for renewed use. Enhancement of the shield is achievable through Blue Magic Talents.
  2. Blink: Facilitating rapid relocation, Blink allows instantaneous traversal several feet away, facilitating evasion and cover-seeking. Amplification of Blink’s capabilities is attainable via Green Magic Talents.

Talents: Nurturing Expertise

Talents within Immortals of Aveum function as skill sets, empowering specialization across the magic spectrum.

Three distinct branches correspond to Blue Magic, Red Magic, and Green Magic. Each branch encompasses 27 nodes, yielding a collective 81 talents. A reset of your talents, enabling fresh configuration, is attainable for 10,000 gold.

Accumulating additional Talents requires Arcanum, acquired by eliminating adversaries—an essence akin to experience points, albeit garnished with a more intricate nomenclature.

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In the game’s nascent stages, where familiarity with magic types and spells is burgeoning, judiciously allocating skill points among the three magic categories is recommended. The ensuing sections list every skill and spotlight our suggestions for prime early-game Talents.

Each Talent tree comprises three sections: the expansive center augments core Talents, while the left segment enhances Strikes and the right refines Controls. Presented below are the central path focal points, consistently accessible, with lateral sections progressively unlocked as your journey unfolds.

Our emphatic recommendations are highlighted, embracing a diversified approach that aligns with the “jack of all trades” ethos discussed earlier. This strategy cultivates enhanced resilience and lethality in the fledgling stages, while preserving flexibility to later embark on a specialized trajectory. Notably, even if future inclination leans toward Blue Magic Talents, allocating certain points to the Red Magic Talent tree can safeguard additional health—a decision unlikely to provoke regrets.

Blue Magic Talents

This branch abounds with talents intensifying precision shooting proficiency and bolstering shields. Our early-game selections are distinctly emphasized.

  • Sharpshooter: Elevate Critical Hit damage across all spells.
  • Burstshield: Upon shield rupture, trigger an explosive discharge propelling adversaries backwards.
  • Hardened Shield: Enhance the Shield spell’s health by 20%.
  • Blue Acolyte: Elevate Blue Magic Power by 20%.
  • Repel: Incite enemy recoil upon Shield attacks.
  • Shield Mend: Exploit Health Crystals to reset Shield cooldown and fully replenish Shield Health.
  • Force Dominion: Amplify Dominion Mana generation via Blue spells by 20%.
  • Exalted Shield: Elevate Shield spell’s health by 50%.
  • Perfect Block: Confer invincibility to the Shield for one second post-activation.
  • Blue Adept: Amplify Blue Magic Power by 40%.
  • Fast Shield: Augment movement speed during Shield spell utilization.
  • Shield Feint: Blink spell deployment resets Shield cooldown while restoring 20% maximum Shield health.
  • Blue Mastery: Elevate Blue Magic Power by 60%.
  • Deadshot: Blue Strike spell Critical Hits heighten damage susceptibility from Blue Magic sources, stacking thrice for a maximum 25% bonus damage.

Red Magic Talents

This branch serves close-range confrontations and armor augmentation, a necessity for face-to-face clashes. Our early-game choices are decidedly underscored.

  • Impulse: Trim the Reload Time of all Sigils by 10%.
  • Safeguard: Enhance armor by 15.
  • Corrosive Punch: Melee strikes afflict Corrosion, heightening Red Spell damage to the target by 20%.
  • Red Acolyte: Augment Red Magic Power by 20%.
  • Guard Punch: Melee strikes recuperate 10% Shield health.
  • Consuming Corrosion: Corrosion inflicts gradual damage to affected adversaries.
  • Chaos Dominion: Amplify Dominion Mana generation from Res Spells by 20%.
  • Vanguard: Elevate Armor by 20.
  • Exacted Corrosion: Prolong Corrosion duration by three seconds.
  • Red Adept: Magnify Red Magic Power by 40%.
  • Living Explosion: Detonation of a Red Magic-infused Limpet restores five percent of maximum Health per struck enemy.
  • Shred Punch: Melee Attacks shatter most enemy Shields.
  • Red Mastery: Boost Red Magic Power by 60%.
  • Rampage: Upon reaching critical health, promptly cast Blastwave and garner 50% Armor bonus for six seconds, with a 60-second cooldown.

Green Magic Talents

Green Magic Talents center on Blink reduction and spatial manipulation. Our early-game preferences are distinctly highlighted.

  • Mana Well: Passive regeneration of one Fury Mana segment.
  • Fury Siphon: Triumph over adversaries with any Fury Spell to rejuvenate 10% of maximum Health.
  • Quickstep: Pare down Blink cooldown by 25%.
  • Green Acolyte: Elevate Green Magic Power by 20%.
  • Decay Punch: Melee damage imparts Decay damage over time.
  • Siphon Shield: Shield impacts result in 25% healing of absorbed damage.
  • Green Dominion: Magnify Dominion Mana generation for Green spells by 20%.
  • Blink Surge: Temporarily enhance Damage output by 20% for three seconds post-Blink.
  • Greater Blink: Acquire an additional Blink Charge.
  • Green Adept: Heighten Green Magic Power by 40%.
  • Guard Step: Blink momentarily heightens Armor by 100 for two seconds.
  • Piercing Boon: Critical Hits from Sigil strikes yield a 25% chance to generate a Fury Mana segment upon slaying enemies.
  • Green Mastery: Amplify Green Magic Power by 60%.
  • Spellweaver: Control Spells-affected enemies sustain 40% augmented damage, generating 50% additional Dominion Mana upon Green Sigil Strike impact.

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