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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 vs 1 and Miles Morales – Key Distinctions

Naturally, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will build upon the solid foundation of its predecessors and introduce significant changes and improvements. While the full extent of these alterations will only become clear when the game is in players’ hands, developer Insomniac Games has already shared substantial insights into the upcoming sequel. In this article, we will delve into some of the most prominent differences that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 brings to the series.

Diverse Protagonists
: Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 deviates from tradition by featuring both Peter Parker and Miles Morales as playable characters, providing a dynamic storytelling experience.

Expanded Game World: While maintaining New York as the backdrop, the game offers a map twice the size of its predecessors, including the addition of new boroughs like Queens and Brooklyn.

Multi-Faceted Skill System: With two heroes in play, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 introduces three separate skill trees—each for Peter, Miles, and a shared one—granting players more options for character progression.

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A Plethora of Costumes: The sequel amped up the costume variety, boasting an impressive 65 different suits (with some exclusive to the Digital Deluxe Edition) compared to previous installments, offering more customization options.

Enhanced Combat Mechanics: Combat takes center stage, with the sequel streamlining the use of gadgets and special abilities, while introducing a parry system and unique powers for both Peter and Miles.

Innovative Gadgets: Building on the tradition of gadget utilization, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 introduces new tools like the Web Line, Upshot drone, and Web Grabber, diversifying combat strategies.

New Antagonists: The game unveils fresh adversaries, with Venom, Kraven the Hunter, and Lizard as main villains, promising formidable challenges for both Spider-Men.

Faster Traversal: Players can expect swifter web-swinging, thanks to the PS5’s hardware, which allows for quicker city exploration.

Web Wings for Gliding: Spider-Man 2 introduces web wings that enhance traversal by enabling gliding through the city, with added speed boosts in wind tunnels.

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Optional Fall Damage: Though unconventional for a Spider-Man game, players have the option to introduce the challenge of fall damage for a more immersive experience.

District Progress System: The game introduces a district progress system where rewards unlock as players complete activities in each district, including fast travel options.

Diverse Side Activities: In addition to returning activities, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 introduces new side tasks, such as tracking Talon Drones, retrieving Spider-Bots, and unraveling Kraven-related mysteries.

Story-Driven Optional Content: Optional activities and side quests in the sequel are more narrative-focused, with some leading to showdowns with new villains, deviating from formulaic content.

Innovative Open World Structure: Players will rely more on in-game cues rather than map icons to discover side activities, and characters will use AR lenses to provide overlays directing them to points of interest in the world.

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