Lemon8 vs Instagram - Tiktok's Instagram Killer App!

Lemon8 vs Instagram – Tiktok’s Instagram Killer App!

After the resounding success of TikTok and its superiority over YouTube, the parent company, ByteDance, certainly intends to expand. And now, it’s Lemon8’s turn to threaten the Instagram throne. In this article, we are going to put Lemon8 vs Instagram, to set the expectations!

What is Instagram

I know we should not waste your time defining what is Instagram, but this is in case you were living in a cave.

Instagram is a popular social media platform that allows users to share photos and videos with their followers. It was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and launched in October 2010. Instagram gained widespread popularity due to its user-friendly interface and emphasis on visual content.

Users can create an account on Instagram and upload photos or videos from their mobile devices. They can apply various filters and editing tools to enhance their images before sharing them. Instagram also offers features such as Stories, where users can share temporary photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours, and IGTV, which allows users to upload longer-form videos.

Lemon8 vs Instagram - Tiktok's Instagram Killer App 2

One of the key aspects of Instagram is its social networking element. Users can follow other accounts and receive updates on their content in their feed. They can also like, comment on, and share posts from other users. Instagram provides features such as hashtags and geotagging to help users discover content related to specific topics or locations.

Over the years, Instagram has introduced additional features like direct messaging, live streaming, and shopping functionality. It has become a popular platform for individuals, businesses, and influencers to showcase their creativity, connect with others, and promote their products or services.

What is Lemon8

Lemon8 is a content-sharing platform marketed as a lifestyle app. Many users compare it to a combination of Instagram and Pinterest. The platform bears a strong resemblance to Instagram before the introduction of Reels, while its current focus lies on sharing ideas. The majority of the platform’s images revolve around various niche categories such as health, fashion, food, and travel, making it reminiscent of Pinterest.

Interestingly, Lemon8 has gained significant attention, particularly on TikTok, where numerous influencers have urged their followers to join them on the platform. The reason behind this connection is straightforward: Lemon8 is a product of ByteDance, the same company that owns TikTok.

Lemon8 vs Instagram - Tiktok's Instagram Killer App 3

Lemon8 Features

When discussing Lemon8 features, it can be described as a fusion of Instagram and Pinterest, drawing inspiration from their user experience, interface, and notably incorporating key elements from TikTok.

Find Your Community

  • Tailored to your interests and preferences, Lemon8 customizes the content on your feed. In the “For you” section, you can explore content that aligns with your needs and sparks your curiosity.
  • Authenticity lies at the heart of Lemon8. It provides a free space for you to express yourself, share your passions and motivations, and connect with like-minded creatives within the community.

Effortless Creation

  • Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple apps for content creation, editing, and posting. Lemon8 offers a seamless experience where you can effortlessly compose texts, edit photos, and craft videos—all within the app.
  • Unlock a wide array of user-friendly templates, stickers, filters, and fonts designed to enhance your photos and videos.
  • Wave goodbye to the inconvenience of switching between apps just to make a single post and say hello to Lemon8!

Explore and Uncover

  • Embrace the power of hashtags! Our carefully crafted hashtags not only boost the discoverability of your posts but also aid you in finding content that resonates with your interests.
  • Their Discover page and intuitive search feature facilitate your exploration by presenting trending content, top-performing creators, and answers to any queries you may have.
Lemon8 vs Instagram - Tiktok's Instagram Killer App 4

As Lemon8 is an emerging platform, let’s explore various aspects by considering some pertinent questions that might pique your interest.

How to download Lemon8?

It’s available on iOS and Android. There’s also a web version website. If you want to download Lemon8, here are the download links:

Lemon8 Web Version

Lemon8 vs Instagram - Tiktok's Instagram Killer App5


  1. Content Curation: The page curates travel-related posts from various users, providing a diverse range of content from travel plans and flight information to dream destinations.
  2. User Interaction: Users can like posts, which is indicated by the number of likes under each post.
  3. Content Sharing: There are options to share content on various platforms like Line, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter.
  4. User Profiles: Clicking on the username takes you to the user’s profile, where you can see more of their posts.

User Experience (UX):

  1. Personalized Content: The feed is personalized to the user’s interests. This makes the browsing experience more engaging and relevant.
  2. Easy Navigation: The website has a simple and straightforward navigation system. The categories are clearly listed at the top, allowing users to easily switch between different types of content.
  3. Interactive Experience: The ability to like and share posts adds an interactive element to the user experience.

User Interface

  1. Clean and Organized Layout: The website has a clean and organized layout, with each post clearly separated. The number of likes is displayed under each post, and the sharing options are easily accessible.
  2. Visual Appeal: The website uses a minimalistic design with a white background, making the colorful images of the posts stand out. The use of images also adds a visual appeal to the website.
  3. Easy-to-Read Text: The text is easy to read, with clear headings and descriptions for each post.

In conclusion, the Lemon8 web version offers a personalized and interactive experience for users. Its clean and organized user interface, combined with its user-focused features, makes it a compelling platform for discovering and sharing visual content.

How to Change Lemon8 Username

  1. Launch the Lemon8 app and sign into your account.
  2. After you’ve successfully logged in, select the “Edit Profile” option situated at the bottom of your display.
  3. Then, find your current username and click on it.
  4. At this point, you can input the new username you prefer. Remember, usernames can only include letters, numbers, underscores, or periods.
  5. After entering your new username, verify its availability by hitting the “Done” button.
  6. If the username you’ve chosen is available, finalize your new username by clicking on “Save Changes”.

Keep in mind that you’re only allowed to modify your username once every 30 days, so think carefully about your new username.

If the username you want is already in use, you’ll need to think of a different one. Remember, each username within the app must be unique to its user.

Is Lemon8 safe?

If you think Meta products, including Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook, are safe, then Lemon8 is just as safe as they are.

Although the app is part of the Chinese company ByteDance, which owns the famous TikTok, the trade war between China and the USA should never lead you to think that it is an unsafe app.

Is Lemon8 a good platform for marketing?

The short answer is: Yes, it will be.

The long answer: Serm Teck Choon, co-founder of Antsomi, sees significant potential in Lemon8, drawing parallels with how ByteDance propelled TikTok to its current global status. “ByteDance has numerous strengths that could fuel Lemon8’s growth, including its recommendation technology, its ability to leverage TikTok, and its vast resources and advertising budget,” he stated.

Serm further explained that ByteDance’s core identity is akin to an App Factory, having launched numerous apps and then wagering on which one would dominate its respective vertical. Examples include TouTiao, Douyin, TikTok, and now Lemon8 is their latest international endeavor.

Serm suggested that if Xiaohongshu’s content style gains global acceptance similar to its success in China, Lemon8 could be ByteDance’s next major success. He advised marketers to monitor Lemon8’s growth rate and begin experimentation once it reaches a significant audience size.

Lemon8 Available Countries – June 2023*

  1. Singapore.
  2. Thailand.
  3. Vietnam.
  4. Indonesia.
  5. Japan.
  6. United States.
  7. United Kingdom.

*We will keep updating this list.

Since its inception, Lemon8 has been downloaded globally 17 million times, with Japan accounting for 36.5% of these downloads, making it the app’s biggest market.

TikTok CEO is Managing Lemon8

ByteDance has restructured its leadership, assigning Shou Zi Chew, the Singapore-based CEO of TikTok, to oversee its new social media application, Lemon8.

As per some reports, which referenced a source intimately familiar with the reorganization, Stephanie Cheng, the head of Lemon8, is moving from Shanghai to Singapore. She will now report to Chew instead of Alex Zhu, a ByteDance executive based in China.

Lemon8 vs Instagram - Tiktok's Instagram Killer App 6

Lemon8 vs Instagram – What’s Next?

From where we’re standing, we’re all set to see Lemon8 spruce up its look with a fresh, catchy new name. It’s a bit like watching a friend get a fun makeover! Remember how Musically switched things up and became TikTok? And boy, did that work wonders, especially with the Gen Z crowd. It’s like watching a good buddy become the life of the party!

User BasePopular in Japan, Thailand, and IndonesiaGlobal user base
Content TypePersonalized content based on user interests, mainly photos and images.Photos, videos, stories, shopping
User ExperienceTailored experience based on interestsDiverse experience with a wide range of features
Content DiscoveryContent discovery based on interestsContent discovery based on algorithm
Business FeaturesMore focused on individual usersEstablished features for businesses
Social InteractionsInteractions based on shared interestsLikes, comments, shares, direct messages
Shopping FeaturesIn-app shopping features
AdvertisingComprehensive advertising options
Privacy OptionsVarious privacy settings
User InterfaceUser-friendly interfaceUser-friendly interface
Video ContentPhotos and images onlyIGTV, Reels for video content
Stories FeatureStories feature for temporary content
Live StreamingLive streaming feature
Influencer OpportunitiesEstablished platform for influencers
Content Filters and EffectsWide range of filters and effectsWide range of filters and effects
MessagingDirect messaging feature
Group FeaturesGroup chats, collaborative posts
AccessibilityVarious accessibility features
SecurityTwo-factor authentication, other security features
Updates and InnovationsRegular updates and new features


Despite its drawbacks and the prevalence of fake content, Instagram remains incredibly popular. One of the reasons for its reliability is that it is developed by an American company, which may instill a sense of security in some users. On the other hand, Lemon8 is still relatively new and is gradually becoming available in different countries. There are high hopes for its success, especially considering the rapid rise and global impact of its counterpart, TikTok, which has become an integral part of many people’s lifestyles.

Since Lemon8 is a Chinese app, it may raise concerns for some individuals. Personally, I remain neutral and uninvolved in political matters. I would suggest that you make your own decisions based on your preferences and enjoy the applications that you find appealing.

It’s too early to say which one is the better app, especially since Lemon8’s development doesn’t seem complete.

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