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Immortals of Aveum: Everything You Need to Know

Discover a comprehensive guide to all things Immortals of Aveum, including detailed insights into the dynamic realm of first-person magical combat, the role of gear in enhancing your magical abilities, tailoring your talent tree to suit your personal playstyle, and much more.


Our narrative unfolds within the enchanting realm of Aveum, a fantastical world where magic is an integral part of daily existence. The backdrop is a long-standing conflict known as the Everwar, spanning thousands of years, as kingdoms fiercely vie for mastery over magic. At present, only two kingdoms endure: Lucium and Rasharn.

In the game, you step into the shoes of Jak, a remarkable battlemage recognized as a Triarch Magnus for his immense power. What sets Jak apart is his extraordinary journey: hailing from a destitute background, he never should have possessed magical prowess. However, his life takes an unexpected turn when his city becomes the epicenter of a ruthless Rasharnian assault during the Everwar.

In the aftermath of this calamity, Jak’s latent magical abilities awaken, aligning him with Grand Magnus Kirkan who recruits him into the Order of the Immortals. This group valiantly opposes the oppressive Rasharnian regime under the tyrant Sandrakk, defending Lucium with all their might. The Order comprises elite battlemages, known as Magni, skilled in undertaking perilous covert missions. Jak’s journey is one of self-reliance, embarking on missions to eliminate adversaries, solve intricate puzzles, and traverse the world, aided by fellow Immortals and allies from Lucium.


When we speak of “fast, fluid, first-person spell-based combat” in Immortals of Aveum, what do we mean? Curious to witness the mesmerizing magic combat firsthand? Intrigued by the concept of three distinct magic colors and their mechanics? This section unveils these intricacies and more. For a fully immersive experience, be sure to watch the in-depth Gameplay Deep Dive video provided below.

As an Unforeseen Triarch Magnus, Jak boasts the exceptional ability to wield all three magic colors: red chaos magic, blue force magic, and green life magic. During combat, Jak effortlessly transitions between these three magical hues through swift wrist movements, either via button presses or mouse wheel scrolling, altering his active sigil. Each magical color possesses distinct attributes that find utility across diverse battlefield scenarios. The synergy among these colors enables Jak to unleash devastating combinations, capable of subduing the most formidable adversaries.

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  • Red Magic: Symbolizing chaos, this form of magic embodies entropy and violence. Its applications encompass generating, rending, and harnessing energy in potent ways, including the manipulation of energy for destructive beams or disorienting foes. While red spells inflict substantial damage over a wide area, their range is limited. Casting red magic imparts a sensation akin to using a shotgun, proving highly effective at close quarters. Bold players gravitate toward Jak’s red magic, diving headlong into the fray against enemies.
  • Blue Magic: Representing force, this magic revolves around the manipulation of matter and energy. It enables precise bolt firing, the creation of protective barriers, gravity manipulation, and the potential for grappling and object manipulation. Blue magic excels at long-range, precise attacks, evoking the sensation of using a precise rifle. This magic caters to tacticians who prefer ranged engagements, permitting Jak to eliminate distant foes strategically while utilizing grappling and shielding maneuvers.
  • Green Magic: Characterizing life and growth, this magic governs manipulation of enemies and their surroundings. It can be employed to alter objects or hinder foes’ casting and healing capabilities. Green magic unleashes rapid-fire homing projectiles, evoking the sensation of utilizing a submachine gun. This appeals to players embracing a dynamic run-and-gun strategy, unleashing relentless barrages of damage while maintaining swift mobility.


In Immortals of Aveum, Jak encounters formidable adversaries. While all three magic colors can damage most foes, strategically matching your attack to the enemy’s magic color proves more effective at piercing their defenses. For instance, use red magic against red defenses, such as Chaos Armor buffs; employ blue magic to shatter shields; or disrupt enemies’ ability to heal with green magic.

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Jak commands an arsenal of spells at his disposal. Progressing through the game unveils 25 spells, ripe for deadly combinations. Among these, the primary attack spells known as Strike spells stand out. Each magic color boasts three Strike spells that Jak can utilize. The equipped sigils on Jak’s right hand determine the active Strike spells accessible in combat.


  • Breachfire: Ejects numerous wide bursts of red magic, akin to an automatic shotgun, effective for tackling groups of adversaries.
  • Burstfire: Propels a sphere of red magic that detonates upon a brief trajectory.
  • Fragfire: Unleashes a broad burst of red magic capable of staggering nearby enemies or propelling them away.


  • Shrikebolt: Launches precise, long-range blue magic bolts, serving as a versatile option, particularly for players adept at headshots.
  • Arclight: Projects a beam of blue magic that penetrates all enemies in its path.
  • Javelin: Propels a long-range blue magic spear, offering charged damage potential akin to a rocket, ideal for high-impact singular shots.


  • Seekershards: Propels a volley of small homing green magic missiles, tirelessly tracking targets, inflicting substantial damage with fewer shots per clip than other green strike spells.
  • Stormshards: Fires a swarm of homing projectiles, catered to a run-and-gun playstyle, with accuracy decreasing during sustained fire.
  • Maelstrom: Rapidly unleashes homing green magic projectiles, enhancing accuracy with sustained fire albeit at the cost of decreased movement speed.

Additionally, Jak commands potent, explosive attacks named Fury spells. These require mana for activation, necessitating the collection and utilization of mana crystals to replenish energy reserves for continuous casting. A few of Jak’s Fury spells include:

  • Shatter: A formidable blue magic spell that rapidly travels toward targets, erupting into a burst of blue spikes that damages all foes within its vicinity.
  • Bash: Catapults Jak forward to execute a forceful blow infused with red magic, even capable of staggering substantial opponents.
  • Torrent: Projects green magic projectiles toward targets, with exceptional damage and range, rendering it a potent offensive spell.

Control spells serve to augment combat effectiveness, readily combined with Jak’s primary attacks to yield devastating outcomes:

  • Lash: Utilizes blue magic to draw smaller foes closer or pull Jak toward larger adversaries.
  • Disrupt: Emits a beam of red magic to interrupt enemy attacks and induce stun.
  • Limpet: Discharges green magic blobs adhering to enemies, substantially impeding their movement.

These spells can seamlessly merge with Jak’s Strike and Fury spells, culminating in the decimation of hordes of Rasharnian soldiers.

Moreover, Jak wields a set of spells known as Augments, available both in and out of combat.

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