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How to use Tier Skips in MW2 and Warzone

Interested in understanding the utilization of Tier Skips in MW2? We’ve got you covered. Battle Pass Tier Skips provide you with the means to progress towards acquiring the next weapon blueprint or even a fresh Operator. In Modern Warfare 2, the Battle Pass takes a unique approach, offering you the flexibility to commence at your preferred stage.

So, if you’re keen on learning how to obtain and utilize Battle Pass Tier Skips in MW2 and Warzone, stay with us, and we’ll guide you through the process. But before we delve into that, you might want to explore how to acquire Diablo operators in MW2 and Warzone, including Lilith.

Acquiring Tier Skips in MW2

To obtain Tier Skips in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone, you simply need to accumulate a substantial amount of XP by participating in online matches and reaching a specific milestone. Once you achieve this, you’ll receive a Battle Pass Tier Skip token.

If you’d prefer to bypass the time-consuming process of playing numerous matches, you can swiftly acquire Tier Skips by visiting the in-game store and purchasing the Blackcell Battle Pass bundle, which includes 20 Tier Skips. If you’re playing on PlayStation, you might even receive 25 Tier Skips upon purchasing the Battle Pass bundle.

Using Tier Skips in MW2

You can employ your Tier Skips in MW2 and Warzone by navigating to the primary Battle Pass interface, selecting your desired sector, and interacting with the item of your choice.

Unlocking any item necessitates at least one Battle Pass Tier Skip token, and you must obtain all four items in each sector to earn the sector’s ultimate reward. Additionally, completing the entire Battle Pass entitles you to a final reward, and your overall progress towards this can be tracked in the top-right corner.

That’s the essential information on obtaining and utilizing Tier Skips in MW2 and Warzone. You might also want to explore how to capture souls in MW2 and the rewards available during The Haunting event throughout Season 6.

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