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How to use the new Messages features in iOS 17

iOS 17 is now available for installation on iPhones released in the last five years, and as is customary, Apple has introduced a range of upgrades and new features to both its iOS apps and the mobile operating system itself.

In this article, we will delve into the noteworthy additions and enhancements within the Messages app on iOS 17. Some of these features offer improved usability, while others provide entirely new functionalities. However, it’s important to note that RCS messaging integration, eagerly anticipated by many, remains unavailable. This means that Android users will continue to appear as green bubbles and won’t be able to access several of the new iOS 17 features.

Transcribed Audio Messages: A significant addition is the automatic transcription feature for audio messages. When you receive a voice message on iOS 17, it now includes a text transcription below it. This feature is particularly valuable for individuals who are unable to listen to audio messages or prefer to read their contents.

Check In with Contacts: One standout feature is the “Check In” feature, allowing you to share your estimated time of arrival with a trusted contact and sending an alert if you fail to reach your destination on time. You can customize this feature by selecting “When I arrive” or “After a timer.” If you choose “When I arrive,” you can specify a destination, mode of transport, and estimated travel time. If you don’t meet the estimated time of arrival, the app will prompt you. Alternatively, you can opt for “After a timer,” select the timer duration, and the check-in occurs when the specified time elapses. The check-in prompt serves as a simple way to ensure your well-being. If you don’t respond within 15 minutes or if your phone is offline for an extended period, the contact you’re chatting with receives a message alert. This message includes your last known location, as well as your device’s battery and cell signal status. You have the flexibility to customize the level of information shared during the setup of the Check In. If you choose “When I arrive” and reach your destination on time, there is no prompt at your end; the other party receives a notification that you’ve arrived safely.

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Enhanced Search with Multiple Filters: You can now conduct searches in Messages using multiple filters, simplifying the process of finding specific conversations or content. This feature enables combining several terms and filters in a single search, such as searching for links that mention a specific word or photos sent by a particular contact, streamlining the search experience.

Apps in Messages: The various mini-apps within Messages, from Music to Photos, have been relocated behind a “+” button to the left of the text input box. You can easily access your most-used apps and explore additional options by tapping “More.” Furthermore, you can rearrange the apps in the list by tapping and holding, making it convenient to have your preferred apps readily accessible.

Navigation and Replies: If you’ve ever left a group chat and returned to find a stack of messages to catch up on, iOS 17 offers a solution. A new arrow on the right side allows you to navigate back to where you left off in the conversation, whether it’s a one-to-one chat or a group conversation. Replying to messages is also more streamlined in iOS 17, as you can swipe to the right on a message to respond quickly.

Location Sharing: Location sharing has been enhanced, enabling you to share your real-time location within the Messages app without needing to switch to Apple Maps or the Find My app. You can select the duration for which you want to share your location, and this information appears embedded within the conversation. You can also request the location of the other person and stop sharing your location as needed.

Automatic Deletion of Verification Codes: For added security and to declutter your conversation list, Messages can now automatically delete verification codes received via text messages when you’re done with them. This feature is particularly beneficial if you’ve set up two-step verification for important accounts. To enable this option.

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