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How to Upgrade Weapons in Lords of the Fallen

Relying solely on skill won’t suffice when facing the escalating threats in Lords of the Fallen. To conquer the malevolent hordes, players must equip themselves with weapons sharp enough to pierce through the encroaching darkness.

Following the customary approach seen in most Souls-like games, Lords of the Fallen introduces a weapon upgrading system that can render even the most subpar equipment effective in the game’s later stages. This serves as an essential mechanic that all players should prioritize unlocking if they aim to succeed in the game. However, it’s possible for this crucial aspect to be overlooked by players in their haste to progress through the game’s maps.

Weapon Upgrades in Lords of the Fallen

The pivotal character for weapon upgrades is Gerlinde the Blacksmith, who can be encountered relatively early in the game.

Upon vanquishing Pieta and navigating through the game’s central hub, players will eventually reach the perilous cliffs leading to Pilgrim’s Perch. By making their way to the Vestige of Blind Agatha, venturing into the cave tunnels to reach the cliffside, and locating the elevator that leads back to the checkpoint, players can proceed.

From the elevator, players must confront and defeat the shield-bearing knight positioned below the Vestige of Blind Agatha, acquiring the key it drops in the process. Then, players can locate Gerlinde in the same pit, engage in dialogue with her to exhaust her options, and subsequently provide her with the acquired key. Following this, players will encounter her in the smithy at Skyrest Bridge, where they can address any gear-related concerns.

To enhance their weapons, players must expend Vigor and Deralium. The amount of these resources used determines the extent to which an item can be upgraded:

  • Small Deralium Fragment: Allows upgrades up to +3.
  • Regular Deralium Nuggets: Permits upgrades up to +5.
  • Large Deralium Shards: Enables improvements up to +9.
  • Deralium Chunk: Supports upgrades up to +10.

Notably, in contrast to other games within the sub-genre, the creation of boss weapons does not necessitate any specialized upgrade materials. These unique weapons all utilize the same Deralium pieces detailed above, though their upgrades are limited to +5.

In the realm of Lords of the Fallen, armor sets cannot undergo upgrades, but shields can. Upgrading a shield enhances its defensive capabilities against various forms of damage. It’s essential to consider that shields possess differing base values, with wooden bucklers offering distinct defensive attributes compared to metal tower shields. This variation affects the player’s mobility, with lighter shields facilitating more agile movements.

Duration of Lords of the Fallen

A single playthrough of Lords of the Fallen is projected to take approximately 30 hours to complete. This information comes directly from the game’s Executive Producer, Saul Gascon, and Creative Director, Cezar Virtosu, as they confirmed in a recent interview. Gascon noted that the development team, who are intimately familiar with the game, completed it in about 25 hours. However, this time frame includes their extensive knowledge of the game, including enemy spawn locations and tactics. New players can anticipate a longer playtime.

The game offers replay value with the possibility of discovering multiple endings. Depending on the factions players align with, they can experience three different endings, which enhances the game’s longevity. Additionally, the inclusion of various character classes provides the opportunity to experiment with different character builds and playstyles.

New Game Plus in Lords of the Fallen

those in search of an extended gaming experience, Lords of the Fallen features a New Game Plus mode. This mode enables players to embark on a more challenging journey with all their character stats and gear carried over from their previous playthrough. Consequently, completionists can look forward to an adventure that extends well beyond the initial 30 hours of gameplay.

With its captivating narrative, demanding gameplay, and substantial replay value, Lords of the Fallen promises to provide players with an immersive and substantial gaming experience upon its release this October. Prepare to delve into Mournstead and face its formidable challenges.

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