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How to Unlock the Pickaxe in CoD: Modern Warfare 2

The arrival of Season 5 Reloaded in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone brings forth a plethora of new content, including a fresh multiplayer map, a new Warzone Resurgence map, and the addition of Lara Croft as a playable operator. This midseason update also introduces three new weapons, and below we will provide you with a comprehensive guide, by Gamespot,  on how to unlock each of them: the pickaxe, 9mm Daemon pistol, and the Lachmann Shroud submachine gun.

Unlocking the Pickaxe:

The Pickaxe offers a novel approach to discreetly eliminate opponents. This weapon, alongside other Season 5 Reloaded additions, can be acquired either through an in-game challenge or through purchase via a store bundle.

Unlock Challenge: Attain 15 operator kills using melee weapons.

This objective is straightforward and can be fulfilled in either Multiplayer or Warzone modes. The most efficient way to complete this challenge is by playing on a small map playlist such as Shipment 24/7. For those attempting this task in the battle royale setting, opting for a respawn mode like Plunder or Resurgence is advisable. It’s important to note that the challenge specifies “operator” kills, thus AI opponents found in modes like Invasion or DMZ will not contribute to the progress here.

Unlocking the 9mm Daemon:

The 9mm Daemon is characterized as a tactical pistol with a semi-automatic firing rate, and it presents the option for dual-wielding.

Unlock Challenge: Achieve 15 operator headshot kills using pistols.

Select your preferred pistol and aim for headshots. The most effective way to complete this challenge is by playing on a small map playlist like Shipment 24/7. Similar to the previous challenge, if you’re tackling this in the battle royale mode, opting for respawn modes like Plunder or Resurgence is recommended. Just as before, the challenge emphasizes “operator” kills, hence eliminations of AI opponents on maps like Invasion or DMZ won’t contribute to the goal.

Unlocking the Lachmann Shroud:

The Lachmann Shroud is a submachine gun tailored for stealth, featuring an integrated suppressor and the ability to fire in burst and semi-auto modes.

To unlock the challenge for the Lachmann Shroud, you must first meet the prerequisites of unlocking the pickaxe and the 9mm Daemon.

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Unlock Challenge: Once the prerequisites are met, achieve 30 operator hip fire kills using submachine guns.

Select your favored submachine gun and engage in hip fire combat. As with previous challenges, the requirement specifies “operator” kills, making it clear that AI opponents from Invasion or DMZ won’t contribute to the challenge progress.

Unlocking Season 5 Reloaded Weapons in DMZ:

The pickaxe, 9mm Daemon, and Lachmann Shroud can also be accessed by successfully extracting from a DMZ match. If a friend already possesses any of these new weapons, they can equip it in their custom loadout and invite you to play. They can drop the weapon for you at the start of the match, and your task is to successfully exfil with it. There’s also the possibility of looting an enemy player who has one of the new items equipped. This DMZ extraction method is applicable to any weapon in the game.

Store Bundles:

The pickaxe and 9mm Daemon will be bundled with the upcoming Lara Croft operator bundle. The Tomb Raider bundle, set to debut on September 9, will include the Croft Manner finishing move, a vehicle skin, loading screen, and more. Assuming it follows the pricing of previous crossover bundles, it will likely cost 2,400 CoD Points ($20) for purchase. A bundle for the Lachmann Shroud is yet to be unveiled but is expected to arrive later in the season.

Earning Season 5 Reloaded Weapon Camos:

The Faction Showdown challenges offer the opportunity to acquire two unique and universal weapon camos. The initial camo you’ll unlock is the Eddies camo, which can be obtained for every weapon class to earn an additional mastery camo.

Here are the requirements for each weapon class:

• Assault Rifles: Attain 250 operator kills with an assault rifle. • Battle Rifles: Achieve 40 operator kills while prone with a battle rifle. • Marksman Rifles: Accomplish 40 operator kills while using a suppressed marksman rifle. • Launchers: Secure 75 enemy kills using launchers. • LMGs: Attain 30 operator longshot kills using an LMG. • Melee: Achieve 30 enemy kills using melee weapons. • Handguns: Obtain 50 enemy headshot kills with a handgun. • Shotguns: Accomplish 3 operator kills without dying 10 times using a shotgun. • SMGs: Secure 100 operator headshot kills with an SMG. • Sniper Rifles: Attain 50 operator headshot kills with a sniper rifle.

Each of these challenges necessitates the use of a weapon from the corresponding category. For instance, the launcher challenge requires you to achieve 75 operator kills with any of the rocket launchers. The shotgun challenge, on the other hand, must be completed using a shotgun of your preference.

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Completing all ten event weapon challenges will unlock the mastery camo and an event-themed weapon charm.

Earning Season 5 Reloaded Vehicle Camos:

In a new twist for this season, Season 5 Reloaded introduces a series of vehicle-based challenges that grant new camos for your vehicles.

Here are the vehicle challenges:

• JLTV: Eliminate 30 enemies by running them over with the vehicle. • Armored Truck (DMZ Only): Ram 5 enemy vehicles at high speed. • ATV: Stay airborne while in the vehicle for 5 seconds. • Heavy Tank: Attain 20 operator kills using either turret. • Hatchback: Achieve 10 operator kills while leaning out of the vehicle. • Light Helo: Refuel your helicopter at 10 different gas stations. • PWC: Visit 5 Points of Interest (POIs) while driving the vehicle. • Armored Patrol Boat: Secure 20 enemy kills with the boat turret. • Dirt Bike: Perform 20 air tricks with the dirt bike. • MRAP: Achieve 30 operator kills using the turrets on the MRAP.

Unlike the weapon camo challenges, you need only complete six out of the twelve available challenges to unlock the mastery rewards. These rewards include a new weapon blueprint, a loading screen, and an emblem. If you desire the event camo for all your vehicles, however, you will need to fulfill the challenge for each individual vehicle.

General Tips:

Pay close attention to the wording of each challenge. Challenges specifying “operator” kills imply that only eliminations of human opponents will count, excluding AI enemies from the equation.

Challenges that reference “enemies,” however, encompass AI opponents, making modes like Invasion or Warzone 2’s DMZ ideal due to the abundance of AI enemies.

Strategically choose your map and mode to align with the challenges. Challenges requiring operator kills are best tackled in small map playlists like Shipment. For longshot challenges, opt for standard playlists with larger maps, just beyond the scale of Shipment.

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