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How To Take a screenshot on your Mac

The default location for saving screenshots is typically your Desktop folder, unless you’ve modified this setting.

Full-screen Capture on a Mac

  1. To capture the entire screen, simultaneously press the ‘Command,’ ‘Shift,’ and ‘3’ keys.
  2. You’ll notice a brief screen flash or change before it returns to normal.
  3. The screenshot is usually stored on your Mac’s desktop.

Partial Screen Capture on a Mac

  1. Simultaneously press the ‘Command,’ ‘Shift,’ and ‘5’ keys to bring up the screen-capture window, allowing you to capture specific areas or windows.
  2. Your cursor will transform into a crosshair pointer.
  3. Move the crosshair to the desired capture location.
  4. Click and drag to select the area you wish to capture.
  5. To fine-tune the area, hold down ‘Shift,’ ‘Option,’ or the ‘Space bar’ while dragging.
  6. Release your Mouse or Trackpad when you’ve chosen the desired area.
  7. Similar to full-screen capture, you’ll observe a screen flash or change before returning to the normal view.
  8. Screenshots are typically saved on the Mac‘s desktop.

Screen Recording on a Mac

  1. Using the ‘Command,’ ‘Shift,’ and ‘5’ keys simultaneously, access the screen-capture window. Here, you’ll find options for screen recordings, such as ‘Record the entire screen’ or ‘Record a portion of the screen.’ These options are indicated by an icon in the bottom right corner, resembling a large dot with a thin circle around it.
  2. Select the screen recording option you require and click ‘Record.’
  3. To stop recording, simply click the ‘Stop recording’ button within the menu.
  4. Screen recordings are generally saved on the Mac’s desktop.

If these screenshot methods don’t work for your particular computer or device, we recommend opening your web browser and searching for instructions on taking screenshots or screen recordings specific to your device model, like ‘How do I take a screenshot/screen recording with a [add your device type/model].’ Additionally, you can explore various apps for screenshot and screen recording functionality by accessing the App Store and searching for ‘screen capture’ or ‘screen recorder.

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