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How to summon bosses in Diablo 4: Season of Blood

In the second season of Diablo 4, known as the Season of Blood, players can delve into fresh and enhanced content, featuring the addition of five new uber bosses for end-game challenges. However, the summoning process for these bosses involves meeting specific criteria, which vary depending on the particular boss and their availability in distinct World Tiers.

Summoning all five Uber bosses in Diablo 4’s Season of Blood is a multi-faceted task, as outlined below:

  1. Grigoire, The Galvanic Saint
    • World Tier: Three and Four
    • Summoning Requirements: Accumulate sufficient Living Steel from the Tortured Offering in Helltide.
    • Potential Drops: Grigoire has a chance to yield unique items exclusive to him, and there’s also a slight possibility of obtaining the Demonbinder Mount Armor Cosmetic.
  2. Echo of Varshan
    • World Tier: Three and Four
    • Summoning Requirements: Conquer Grotesque Debtors during Whispers of the Dead to potentially acquire Varshan’s body parts. Collect Grim Favors and exchange them for fragments of Varshan’s body.
    • Potential Drops: By assembling the necessary pieces, including a Malignant Heart (for World Tier Four), you can summon Varshan, offering a minor chance to obtain the Flesh-Weld Rod Trophy and unique items specific to Varshan.
  3. The Beast in the Ice
    • World Tier: Four
    • Summoning Requirements: Gather Distilled Fear by completing Tier 30 or higher Nightmare Dungeons. Craft the Glacial Fissure Nightmare Sigil with the collected Distilled Fear from the Occultist and activate it to summon the Beast.
    • Potential Drops: The Beast may drop the Skull Torch and Fell Steed Mount Trophies, and it’s also possible to obtain unique items exclusive to the Beast.
  4. Dark Master
    • World Tier: Four
    • Summoning Requirements: Defeat a World Boss in World Tier Four or participate in any Legion Event to acquire Exquisite Blood. Once you’ve collected enough, you can summon the Dark Master.
    • Potential Drops: The Dark Master has the chance to yield the Diadem of the Ancient Helm Cosmetic and unique items that are specific to the Dark Master.
  5. Echo of Duriel
    • World Tier: Four
    • Summoning Requirements: Defeat Grigoire and Varshan in World Tier Four to gather Shards of Agony and Mucus-Slick Eggs. When you’ve collected the required amount, you can summon Duriel.
    • Potential Drops: Duriel is the only Uber boss with a chance to drop Uber Unique items, although it’s not guaranteed. Duriel may also drop the smoldering Brimstone Mount.

Please note that Blizzard has yet to disclose the exact quantity of summoning requirement items needed. They have also implemented several modifications to World Bosses, enhancing item drops, increasing the frequency of World Boss appearances, and extending the Warning Timer. While these changes may not be exhaustive, they do bring some positive adjustments to the game.

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