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How to split screen on Laptop

We will demonstrate how to divide your screen on both Windows 10 and Windows 11, allowing you to view multiple windows simultaneously on a single screen. This valuable technique enables you to compare content side by side, enhance productivity, and optimize your screen space according to your preferences.

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In this article, we will explain how to split your screen on Windows 10 and Windows 11, both by dragging and using keyboard shortcuts. Windows 11 introduces a new feature called “snap layouts,” which we will also guide you through. Before you begin, ensure that your “Snap windows” settings are activated and configured to your liking.

Configuring “Snap windows” settings:

The “Snap windows” feature allows you to effortlessly position windows without manually adjusting their size and shape. It automatically “snaps” windows into place based on your movements or keyboard shortcuts. To toggle this feature on or off and customize the settings:

  1. Navigate to “Settings,” then select “System,” and finally, click on “Multitasking.”
  2. In the system settings, you can enable or disable “Snap windows” and adjust the detailed settings below it.

How to split the screen on Windows by dragging:

The first method to split your screen on Windows involves dragging windows:

  1. Place your cursor anywhere on the top portion of a window and drag it to the desired location.
  2. An indicator will appear when the window is ready to “snap” into place, resembling a faint outline of a window. Release the mouse button when you’re ready.
  3. Repeat this process for other windows until you achieve the desired split-screen arrangement.

For instance, in the provided example, we split the screen into two halves to use the secure CCleaner Browser alongside Google Chrome.

How to split the screen on Windows using keyboard shortcuts:

Windows provides another efficient method for splitting your screen using keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts are applicable to both Windows 10 and Windows 11:

  • Windows key + right arrow: Moves the window to the right.
  • Windows key + left arrow: Moves the window to the left.
  • Windows key + up arrow: Moves the window upwards.
  • Windows key + down arrow: Moves the window downwards.

These shortcuts are straightforward to use and result in the desired split-screen configuration, whether it’s dividing the screen in half or into quarters. You can then open additional windows and snap them into place next to the previously positioned window, achieving your desired screen layout.

How to split the screen on Windows 11 using the Snap Layout feature:

Windows 11 introduces “Snap Layout,” a feature that simplifies arranging apps or windows on your screen:

  1. Hover your cursor over the ‘maximize’ icon or hold the ‘Windows key + Z’ to access four or six layout options (depending on your screen size).
  2. Choose a layout option, and then select the windows you want to appear in each snap location.

For example, by selecting the bottom left Snap Layout option, you can designate which window occupies the left part of the screen.

Microsoft has made splitting your screen a straightforward task, allowing you to customize your apps and windows quickly. As mentioned earlier, CCleaner is another useful productivity tool that can enhance your computer’s performance.

CCleaner has garnered over 2.5 billion downloads and remains a favored PC cleaner worldwide due to its user-friendly interface, much like the simplicity of splitting your screen on Windows!


  1. How do I split my screen side by side? You can split your screen side by side in Windows 10 and Windows 11 by dragging two open windows next to each other until they ‘snap’ into place. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut ‘Windows key + left/right arrow’ to position them as desired.
  2. How do I open two windows side by side? To open two windows side by side in Windows 10 or Windows 11, use the ‘Snap windows’ feature, which automatically sizes windows for a neat side-by-side display. As long as this feature is enabled, you can drag the windows into place.

What is Snap Layout? Snap Layouts is a feature introduced in Windows 11 that allows you to configure two or more windows simultaneously on your screen. Depending on your screen size, there are four to six Snap Layouts available. To access this feature, use the keyboard shortcut ‘Windows key + Z.’

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