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How To Spawn Leviathan In Blox Fruits

In the realm of Blox Fruits, the Leviathan stands as a creature enveloped in enigmatic allure, captivating the curiosity of numerous players eager to confront this oceanic monster. However, the procedure for summoning it is far from straightforward. This guide is designed to streamline the steps necessary for bringing the Leviathan into the world of Blox Fruits, granting you the opportunity to face this formidable adversary, provided you can locate it!

How to Initiate the Leviathan’s Spawn in Blox Fruits Update 20

The process of summoning the Leviathan in Blox Fruits commences on Tiki Island, where you must engage in a conversation with a discreet spy character. Initially, this spy may not divulge much information, but you can incentivize them with bribes to reveal more. After a series of bribes, the spy will eventually disclose that the Leviathan is active and wreaking havoc. This serves as your signal that you have successfully initiated the quest to summon the Leviathan. This is the key to spawning Leviathan in your world. While these clues are believed to be essential for the opportunity to summon the Leviathan, there is no guaranteed method to make the new raid boss appear. Your quest is to locate it, and the chances are exceedingly low.

How to Locate Leviathan in Blox Fruits

Locating the Leviathan is an arduous task in Blox Fruits, with many players, including ourselves, yet to encounter it due to its exceedingly low spawn rate. However, we have a general idea of where it may appear, following the clues provided by the spy. It seems that the Leviathan spawns in the Rough Sea.

If you recall one of the clues that mentioned being “far in the shadows,” it’s advisable to activate your Observation Haki to avoid random lightning strikes upon entering the Rough Sea. Pay close attention to your compass. You’ll notice that it transitions from grey to green, yellow, red, purple, and eventually to dark purple with “????” at the bottom of the compass. This serves as an indicator of the peril level in this area. You need it to reach its maximum level.

Once your danger gauge reaches level 6, displaying dark purple and “????” at the bottom, your screen will turn pitch black. The area between the Great Tree and Hydra Island is a prime location to explore in the hopes of encountering Leviathan. However, be prepared for various threats, as you may also trigger the emergence of the new mini-raid boss, Terrorshark, or stumble upon the Sea Event Ghost Ship, which was also hinted at in the clues.

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