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How to play Spider-Man 2 on PC

If you own a PlayStation 5, you now have the opportunity to enjoy Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 on your PC effortlessly. To make use of this feature, you’ll need a stable internet connection and the Remote Play app.

Please be aware that certain games that require VR devices or related equipment may not be compatible with this capability. However, when it comes to Spider-Man 2, you’re in luck because it works seamlessly with the service.

Here are the straightforward steps to remotely play Spider-Man 2 on your PC using your PS5:

  1. First, activate the Remote Play feature on your PS5 by navigating to the PS5’s Settings.
    • Go to System → Remote Play → Enable Remote Play

    Note: It’s essential to enable Rest Mode for Remote Play to function, but ensure that the console is not completely powered off.

  2. For smoother usage of this feature, go to System → Power Saving → Features Available in Rest Mode and enable “Turning On PS5 from Network.” This way, you won’t need to manually turn on the console every time you want to play.
  3. Next, visit the PlayStation website and download the PS5 Remote Play application on your PC.
  4. Follow the installation instructions provided for your specific setup to successfully install and run the app.
  5. Log in to your PSN account.
  6. Over a wireless connection, open the app and search for available networks. You’ll receive a notification confirming the connection if there’s only one PS5 available on your network. From that point on, it will automatically connect when your PS5 is turned on.

Will Spider-Man 2 be available on PC?

Sony’s strategy of initially releasing select PS5 games and later bringing them to PC has proven to be highly profitable. This approach has not only increased the company’s profits but has also attracted more customers to its platform. It has helped sustain sales even after the initial surge of PS5 gamers.

Following its initial release on the PS5 this year, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 may eventually become available on PC. Although this transition might not happen until as late as 2024 or 2025, there are strong indications that it will occur in due time.

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