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How to Play Games on a Chromebook

In the past, Chromebooks were known for their lightweight, online-focused, and budget-friendly computing capabilities. However, over time, they have evolved to become more versatile, serving not only as efficient day-to-day devices but also as gaming platforms. Surprisingly, there are numerous gaming options available on ChromeOS, and in this guide, we’ll explore these choices.

  1. Android and Web Games ChromeOS has been supporting Android apps and games for a while. You can access them by clicking on the ChromeOS Launcher button, opening the Play Store, and navigating to the Games tab. It’s worth noting that the Play Store highlights games that are optimized for Chromebooks, ensuring a better experience. While not all Android games are compatible with ChromeOS, most of them are, and the larger screen and physical keyboard on Chromebooks enhance the gaming experience. Additionally, web-based games have also evolved, offering a variety of genres, often for free and with instant loading times.
  2. Steam on ChromeOS Steam support is officially available on ChromeOS, although it’s in beta, so occasional bugs may occur, and not all Steam games may be playable. However, many games are compatible, especially if you have a recent and powerful Chromebook. To access Steam on your Chromebook, you need to switch to the beta channel of ChromeOS. Once done, you can log in with your Steam credentials and check which games from your library can be played on your Chromebook.

    There’s an alternative Steam option for Chromebooks with Android app support: you can install the Steam Link app from the Play Store and stream gameplay from another computer on the same Wi-Fi network, using a keyboard, mouse, or a compatible controller.

  3. Cloud Gaming Options Chromebooks are designed for cloud computing, making them ideal for cloud gaming as well. Several major cloud gaming services work on Chromebooks, and the system requirements are not overly demanding. These services can be accessed via a browser tab, assuming you have a fast internet connection.
    • Amazon Luna has supported Chromebooks since 2021, offering a range of games that can be controlled using a keyboard, mouse, Xbox or PlayStation controllers, or the Luna controller. There’s a subscription option for more games.
    • GeForce Now from Nvidia works on Chromebooks with 4GB of RAM or more and a minimum 15 Mbps internet speed. You can use various controllers for game control, and it offers both free and paid packages.
    • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is another option, granting access to numerous popular titles streamed from the cloud. It requires an Xbox-compatible gaming controller connected to your Chromebook and a minimum 20 Mbps internet connection.

No matter your gaming level, whether you’re a casual player or a dedicated gamer with an extensive Steam library, Chromebooks have gaming solutions to suit your needs.

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