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How to Obtain the Beast Hunter Boat in Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits boasts an array of unique and sought-after boats, with none more coveted than the Beast Hunter at the moment. To secure this remarkable vessel, let’s prepare ourselves and embark on an adventure to make it our own.

Obtaining the Beast Hunter Boat in Blox Fruits: To lay your hands on the prized Beast Hunter Boat, you must first ensure that you possess the requisite strength to reach the game’s latest island, known as Tiki Outpost. To embark on quests here, you’ll need to achieve a minimum character level of 2450, so ensure you’re adequately prepared for the grind ahead. If this level seems daunting at the moment, fear not; battling formidable creatures can significantly expedite your leveling progress.

Should your ambition be to challenge the mighty Leviathan and claim its heart, you’ll require a boat capable of withstanding its devastating attacks. This is precisely where the Beast Hunter Boat proves its worth, as it allows you to affix a Harpoon to its bow and claim the Leviathan’s heart as your own. Once you’ve reached the coveted level 2450, chart your course to the Third Sea and head towards Tiki Outpost. Here, you’ll encounter an NPC named Beast Hunter, who is prepared to construct the Beast Hunter Boat for you in exchange for the following components:

  • 2 Mutant Teeth
  • 6 Shark Teeth
  • 6 Electric Wings
  • 20 Leviathan Scales
  • 30 Fool’s Gold

To ensure that you’ve amassed a sufficient quantity of these items, team up with your closest allies and engage the Leviathan in battle multiple times to collect as many scales as possible. Since the Leviathan has a 2 to 3-hour respawn window, you’ll have ample opportunities to gather the remaining components. Once you’ve gathered all the necessary parts, approach the Beast Hunter NPC again to acquire this legendary boat, which not only serves as a formidable vessel but also unlocks the coveted Sanguine fighting style.

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