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How to Master Lies of P

“Lies of P” is an enchanting video game set in a city reminiscent of London called Krat, where you engage in battles against mechanical puppets. Crafted in the vein of From Software’s titles, “Lies of P” features a deliberate and methodical combat system that emphasizes the importance of blocking and dodge rolls.

What sets “Lies of P” apart is its unique protagonist: Pinocchio, the famous puppet from Disney movies and Italian folklore. Surprisingly, this adaptation proves to be captivating.

In this introductory guide, we will provide insights into nine crucial aspects to keep in mind during the initial stages of your journey in “Lies of P.”

Master the Art of Blocking in Lies of P Combat

While “Lies of P” may resemble games like Bloodborne, its combat philosophy aligns more closely with “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice,” placing a strong emphasis on blocking. While dodging is an option, it is advisable to rely on your weapon for guarding as it facilitates quicker counter-attacks. Transitioning from an attack to a guard maneuver is swift in “Lies of P,” making it a more effective offensive and defensive strategy compared to rolling, which can be comparatively sluggish. Blocking also mitigates some damage and triggers a feature called Guard Regain, allowing you to regain health by going on the offensive after blocking. This system reinforces the importance of blocking as it enables you to recover health that may otherwise be lost through poorly timed dodges.

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Perfect Your Timing with Guarding

Achieving a perfect guard in “Lies of P” involves timing your guard precisely as you are struck by an enemy attack. A perfect guard not only negates all damage from a blocked attack but can also stagger your opponent. Consistent perfect blocks can cause your enemy’s health bar to pulse white. If you capitalize on this by executing a charged attack within a brief window, you can stagger the enemy, leaving them vulnerable to a devastating strike. Perfect guarding is particularly effective against bosses and formidable adversaries, making it essential to observe enemy attack patterns closely to execute it accurately.

Manage Your Pulse Cell Charges Wisely

Pulse Cells serve as your healing resource in “Lies of P,” and you accumulate several charges each time you rest at a Stargazer. However, once you deplete your Pulse Cell entirely, any damage you deal will gradually replenish it. When the bar is refilled, you gain one Pulse Cell charge, but further energy accumulation from hits ceases. This mechanic implies that exhausting your pulse charges early in a battle isn’t necessarily disastrous; instead, it necessitates careful play until you can restore a charge and heal yourself. This cycle can be repeated multiple times, provided you survive.

Prioritize Retrieving Dropped Ergo

Ergo serves as the in-game currency in “Lies of P” and is obtained by defeating enemies. When you die, you drop all the Ergo you currently possess and must return to your body to reclaim it. However, there’s an intriguing twist to this mechanic. Each time you take damage while attempting to retrieve your dropped Ergo, the amount you can recover diminishes. This encourages you to make a swift return to your body, avoiding unnecessary combat. If you do get hit, you have the opportunity to regain some Ergo by eliminating enemies, creating a risk-reward dynamic that adds depth to corpse runs. Notably, Ergo dropped upon dying to a boss is conveniently located outside their arena.

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Maintain Your Weapon’s Sharpness, Especially in Boss Fights

In “Lies of P,” your weapon’s durability diminishes as you engage in combat, whether for blocking or attacking. You can restore durability using the Grinder item, available early in the game. A few seconds of grinding, even during combat, fully restores your weapon’s durability, allowing you to continue fighting effectively. Neglecting this mechanic can have dire consequences, as letting your weapon’s durability drop to zero will cause it to break. A broken weapon deals reduced damage and bounces off enemies, rendering it ineffective until you rest at a Stargazer. It’s crucial to monitor your weapon’s durability, especially during prolonged boss fights, as blocking accelerates the degradation of your weapon.

Exercise Extreme Patience in Boss Fights

Boss battles in “Lies of P” can prove challenging, particularly if you attempt to evade attacks erratically, as you might in FromSoftware’s games. Instead, “Lies of P” emphasizes blocking over dodging. To overcome formidable adversaries like the Scrapped Watchman or Fallen Bishop Andreus, adopt a cautious approach. Initially, observe their attack patterns and step away from their initial swings without engaging in combat. Analyze their moves and focus on blocking during the first few attacks. As you become adept at surviving their onslaught, attempt to time your blocks for perfect guards. Only when you feel confident in your defensive capabilities should you begin incorporating offensive maneuvers. Establishing a strong defensive foundation enhances your chances of skillfully defeating bosses.

Expand Your Arsenal with Multiple Weapons

Early in “Lies of P,” you acquire your initial weapon and handle, which are provided free of charge. However, you can purchase the other two weapon sets and handles that you rejected when you encounter the first shopkeeper. Each weapon and handle combination offers distinct abilities that can be activated by charging and spending Fable, earned through dealing damage. These abilities range from powerful sweeping attacks to temporary elemental enhancements and guaranteed perfect blocks. As you progress, a weapon crafting system becomes available, enabling you to mix and match weapons and handles, combining their associated abilities. Therefore, it’s advisable to maintain a diverse selection of weapons to craft the perfect tool for combatting the mechanical puppets.

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Optimize Your Weapon Scaling by Swapping Handles

In “Lies of P,” the handle you choose influences the scaling of your weapon’s stats. For instance, if you heavily invest in Motivity (strength) but prefer lighter weapon types, you can pair a fast blade with a heavy handle. While the original handle of the fast blade may have a C in Motivity scaling, the heavy handle boasts a B in Motivity scaling, increasing the impact of your stats on your weapon’s damage. This intricate system allows you to customize your weapon to align with your playstyle and upgraded stats. As the game progresses, you can even enhance your handles at the upgrade shop, improving their scaling from a B to an A, further enhancing your weapon’s overall damage potential.

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