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How to get the Necromancer Glove in Slap Battles

In Roblox Slap Battles, participants wield gloves endowed with distinct abilities to engage in playful slapping contests. The game introduces an element of complexity as players accumulate slaps by targeting opponents, subsequently gaining access to gloves boasting unique capabilities. Among the most coveted gloves in the game is the Necromancer Glove.

To acquire the coveted Necromancer Glove in Roblox Slap Battles, players must first attain two specific badges: the Sweet-Tooth Sovereign and the Infected badges. Once these two badges are in your possession, the Necromancer Glove will be bestowed upon you automatically.

Here’s how to obtain the Sweet-Tooth Sovereign badge:

  1. Navigate to the Normal Arena within Slap Battles.
  2. Amass a total of 2,000 candy corns, which are exclusive to the Halloween event. Act quickly to secure this badge before the event concludes. It is recommended to employ the Dream Glove for candy corn collection, as it excels in this task.

As for acquiring the Infected badge:

  1. Collaborate with another player, who must be equipped with the Plague Glove.
  2. Have your partner strike you with the Plague Glove. Upon receiving this hit, you will be awarded the Infected badge.

Should you encounter any confusion during this process, refer to a video guide on obtaining the Necromancer Glove for clarification.

To utilize the Necromancer Glove effectively in Slap Battles:

  1. You can employ the glove’s unique ability only after eliminating other players.
  2. Once an opponent is defeated, they will respawn as a zombie under your control.
  3. If your zombies succeed in eliminating other players, you will amass additional zombies.
  4. By pressing the “E” key, you can swap positions with your nearest zombie.
  5. Holding down the “E” key will trigger the respawn of all your zombies.

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